One simple tip for Puzzle and Dragons Free Magic Stones!

If you've played Puzzle and Dragons for more than a few minutes, you know that Magic Stones are an absolutely essential commodity. You probably already know that you get free Magic Stones each time you clear a dungeon, and Gung Ho also frequently gives out free Magic Stones as part of the special events and collaborations that they are often running. What do you do when those run out? Read on for details on how to get a ton of free Magic Stones, without cheating of any kind.

The initial windfall

In the early game when you are clearing dungeons pretty fast you'll amass a small stockpile of Magic Stones, and you'll probably spend some of them expanding your box and most of the others on REM (Rare Egg Machine) pulls. If you've read our beginner's guide you'll know that it's better to wait for Godfests to do so. After those run out, you'll find your will pitted against the relentless urge to buy Magic Stones. Some of the harder dungeons may often require you to spend one or two stones to get past rough spots as well, until your teams have matured.

Double the fun

Here's the trick - in a recent Puzzle and Dragons update, GungHo added the "Challenge Mode: Team Challenge" ability. In this mode you can replay any dungeon on the Normal or Technical tabs. When playing in Challenge Mode: Team Challenge mode Leader Skills do not activate, but you get to assemble a team with multiple Leaders from your friends. Depending on how good your Friends list is, this can be a fun game mode in and of itself. Want to field 5 Odins? Unleash the wrath of Gungir! Need some autoheals? Five Sirens aught to do the trick. Team points are not a limiting factor, so feel free to amass the most overpowered Ultimate Evolved team you can get your hands on.

Notice In order to be eligible for Challenge Mode: Team Challenge you must complete the Technical Dungeon Castle of Satan in the Abyss (if you haven't unlocked Technical Dungeons yet, you've got a ways to go :) ).

Pro Tip You don't get Pal points in Team Challenge mode, but you can also use your friends Leaders as often as you want, regardless of how long it's been since they've played. Keep this in mind as you consider booting inactive friends. If their leader is good enough, they may we worth keeping for a while.

Pro Tip Since you don't have Leader Skills, Awakened Skills are often the next best thing. Many subs have damage boosts for orbs or matching rows. Autoheals are also common, and are very helpful. A few subs even have increased element resistance, or a chance at immunity to certain types of attacks.

Free Magic Stones!

As if playing with BS dream teams full of super leaders wasn't cool enough, each replay of a dungeon earns you another Free Magic Stone. That's right - even the lowly starter dungeons you blew through all those months ago. Since these dungeons often have low energy costs, they are a great way to spend your last few points at the end of a play session. Your overpowered teams will obliterate the lower levels, and before you know it you will have 20 or more free Magic Stones. Godfests, here you come!

Pro Tip Watch for the cyclical bonuses to the Normal and Technical Dungeons. Half stamina is an especially good time to clear the Team Challenge mode on the low level dungeons, as the energy cost is so low it's almost free.