Problems downloading Map Pack/Season Pass DLC on Xbox 360?

If you've spent any money on the Xbox Live Marketplace, you're probably familiar with the way things download. Once you pick something to be downloaded, it goes to your "Active Downloads" page, which you can view by pressing the Guide button, and then scrolling all the way to the left. Meanwhile, you can go about doing other things with your console - playing games, browsing the dashboard, chatting with friends, etc. The download will queue up and finish up in the background while you play.

However, with a recent dashboard update, Microsoft seems to have broken this functionality - but only for in-game downloads, like map packs and season pass DLC. You'll know if you've got this glitch because:

If you move away from the progress bar view, by pressing Guide, B, or powering off, the download just aborts. Annoying, right? Well, there's a few fixes I've found:

I've run into this problem with Borderlands 2 and Halo 4, but I bet it's also a problem with Black Ops 2. Let's hope Microsoft patches whatever they broke in the dashboard that is causing this issue...