Plants vs Zombies 2 Zombies: Ancient Egypt

Mummies, zombies, they're the ones with the hunger for braaaaains! In this edition of our Plants vs Zombies 2 guide, we'll focus on the zombie hordes that you must repel in order to survive. First up is Ancient Egypt, where the zombies are all Egyptian-themed.

Plants vs Zombies 2 Zombies: Ancient Egypt Zombie Guide

Common Zombies - Every stage has these, they start out just "normal" and then also get cones and later buckets on their heads. The cones and buckets boost their ability to soak up damage. The cone doubles their health, and the bucket about triples it. A normal Peashooter can down a normal zombie in the time it takes for the zombie to shamble 2 squares forward. During a "huge wave" of zombies, there will be flag carriers, but although they think they are special, these are just like normal zombies, so whatever.

Ra Zombie - A Ra Zombie has as much health as a regular zombie, although it moves a bit faster. However, it will also attempt to suck up any sun that is left lying around. The sun will turn red when they are doing this, and will quickly move towards the Ra Zombie in short bursts.

Pro Tip If a Ra Zombie gets your sun, don't stress. When you kill them, they drop it again. There is also a maximum amount a single Ra Zombie can soak up. Also, they stop moving when they are sucking up sun, which can be useful in situations where you're going for stars and want to delay the end of the round as long as possible.

Camel Zombie - A Camel Zombie has similar health to a cone head zombie, although it moves slower. The tough part about Camel Zombies is that they arrive in packs. Their high damage resistance plus tendency to group up can spell trouble for your defenses.

Pro Tip Bloomerangs are super effective against Camel Zombies, as they can hit a whole line of these guys in a single shot.

Explorer Zombie - The Explorer Zombie has a torch that instantly burns any plant it comes into contact with. This means your Wall-Nuts are vulnerable to being flash fried!

Pro Tip Explorer Zombies can be frozen to extinguish their torches, which greatly reduces the threat level. Do note that Snapdragons and other fire-breathing plants will reignite it, however!

Tomb Raiser Zombie - Not to be confused with Lara Croft - there's no raiding going on here. Tomb Raisers wear Set masks and can toss bones to create gravestones. If not taken out quickly, they can easily fill the level with gravestones, which can make it difficult to hit the zombies before they're right on top of you!

Pro Tip Bloomerangs hit multiple targets and can often hit zombies behind gravestones. Any of the "pult" plants (like the Cabbage-pult) can arc over gravestones and hit zombies behind any number of them. These guys also can't raise gravestones on a plot that contains a plant.

Pharaoh Zombie - The Pharaoh Zombie is a tough one, as he has a tough outer shell that protects him from damage. However, the shell also slows him down considerably, unlike the bucket and cone zombies. Once free of the shell, he speeds up quite a bit and can pose a serious threat to any of your remaining defenses.

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