Plants vs Zombies 2: Treasure Yeti Guide

The Treasure Yeti is among the most enigmatic Zombie you can encounter in Plants vs Zombies 2. In this guide, we'll go over the Plants vs Zombies 2 Treasure Yeti's secrets, and find out how to fight the Treasure Yeti, the best strategy for defeating him, and what you can expect to get from defeating the Treasure Yeti.

How do I get the Treasure Yeti?

The Treasure Yeti is a random event that occurs on a level that you've previously cleared. It typically happens around once a day. When the Treasure Yeti spawns, he will take up residence in one of your levels. If you have notifications turned on, you'll get a notification about him.

When you look at Crazy Dave's map, you'll see a Treasure Yeti icon above the era where the Treasure Yeti is. Once you've picked the era, you'll see a circular Treasure Yeti icon over the level where he is hiding.

Just tap the level and you should see him lining up alongside the other zombies you'd normally fight.

The Treasure Yeti will always visit a level you've cleared, but you don't need all the stars in a level in order for the Treasure Yeti to show up there. If the Treasure Yeti visits a level where you could earn more stars, you will have the chance to get the star at the same time you fight the Treasure Yeti. If the star is too hard to do at the same time, you can skip trying for it and just fight the Yeti - if you manage to win the level and kill him, you'll still get credit for it.

How do I beat the Treasure Yeti?

Okay, so now you know how to spot the Yeti and you can get into a level with him. Now you've got to actually kill the Treasure Yeti.

Unlike normal Zombies, the Treasure Yeti won't charge your defenses and attempt to eat your brains. He does a sort of "moonwalk" where he starts to head left, then after a few steps he may stop and start to back up instead. I haven't confirmed this, but I believe that the less damage you're doing, the faster he leaves. So, if you're completely ignoring him, he's likely to just make a short appearance and then get lost quickly.

Since he spends so much time on the right side of the screen, short-range attack plants like the Bonk Choy and the Snapdragon are kind of poor choices against him, unless you plant them far to the right in response to his appearance. My suggestion would be to plant Bloomerangs as they have a long reach and can hit through other zombies.

Of course, Plant Food is a good thing to use when you see a Treasure Yeti. A Peashooter or Bloomerang can do significant damage to a Treasure Yeti if fed Plant Food. Whenever I'm on a Treasure Yeti level, I always try to conserve at least one Plant Food for the Treasure Yeti fight.

What prizes do I get for beating the Treasure Yeti?

Beat the Treasure Yeti and he will always drop his Lunch Box. Tap it quickly to pick it up! You've still got to finish the level in order to get a chance to open it.

After the level is over, you will be able to open the Treasure Yeti's Lunch Box. Inside you'll find either:

I haven't seen any other prizes, but it's certainly possible that something else rare could drop.

Plants vs Zombies 2: Fastest Keys

Obviously, the keys are why you really want to fight the Treasure Yeti. 1,000 coins is nice, but it's hardly worth the trouble. If you don't play much, fighting the Treasure Yeti is almost certainly the fastest way for you to earn keys. If you play a lot, though, you might be better off fighting zombies instead.

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