Plants vs Zombies 2 Plants: Wild West

Yeee-haw pardner! Y'all ready for more cattle-rustlin' zombie adventure? Okay, that's enough "old west" talk, agreed? The third (and at the time of release, final) episode of Plants vs Zombies 2 is Wild West. It's full of new Plants vs Zombies 2 plants to collect, so let's cut the fake southern accent and take off our cowboy boots and get down do business, shall we?

Plants vs Zombies 2 Plants: Wild West Plants Guide

Split Pea - The Split Pea joins the ranks of the Bonk Choy and the Plant Food-boosted Bloomerang as plants that can do damage to targets behind them as well as in front. It's a very situational plant, but one that you'll need if you plan to survive the Wild West.

Pro Tip The Split Pea fires as fast as Pea Shooter towards zombies in front of it, but fires as fast as a Repeater (2x) to zombies behind it!

Chili Bean - The Chili Bean is a single-use plant that causes a zombie to explode, which stuns zombies nearby. As with all the single-use plants, this is not really one that I'm a big fan of. If you've got sun, use it on things that keep on doing damage, instead of these one-shot wonders!

Lightning Reed - Lightning Reeds have infinite range and can hit targets in adjacent rows as well. The only drawback is that they do relatively minimal damage. They are best used against zombies that are covered in Chickens, since they can wipe out a whole flock with a single hit.

Tall-Nut - The Tall-Nut is very similar to the Wall-Nut, but, you guessed it, it's taller. This additional height can block certain zombies from getting past it. There are only a couple of zombies that can actually vault over a Wall-Nut in the Wild West that are blocked by the Tall-Nut, though, so this isn't as useful as it seems.

Pro Tip The Wall-Nut and Tall-Nut have independent cooldowns, so you can take both and plant defensive plants faster.

Pea Pod - At first, the Pea Pod seems like a slightly more expensive Peashooter. However, the Pea Pod is unique in that it can be upgraded by planting another Pea Pod on top of it! When fully maxed out, it can fire 5 peas at once, making it super devastating to any zombie caught in its way.

Melon-pult - Another in a long line of pult-style plants, the Melon Pult is the most expensive by far at 325 sun. However, it does splash damage to zombies in a 3x3 square, which means that overall it does more damage to groups of zombies in a shorter period of time.

Pro Tip Since the splash damage hits rows above and below where you plant the Melon Pult, you might want to consider planting it towards the middle row.

Winter Melon - Requires keys to unlock! The Winter Melon is like a Melon Pult that also chills zombies, extinguishing flames and slowing them for a time. It would be more useful if it didn't unlock so late, but perhaps after new episodes are added we will see more situations where it would be useful.

Plants vs Zombies 2 Plants: Wild West Plant Strategies

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There's no new plants that really improve upon Pirate Seas or Ancient Egypt plants here, but there are some situational plants you're going to want in your roster to deal with certain situations: