Pixel People Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

So, you've read over our guide, tips, and tricks for Pixel People, but you still have questions? Chances are we've got you covered in your Frequently Asked Questions guide for Pixel People!

Pixel People FAQ # 5: What are animals, how do I get animals, and what are animals good for?

The easiest way to get animals in Pixel People is to collect hearts. You gain hearts by tapping on houses that have a Heart icon over them, and then holding down the heart-shaped button. Hearts are tracked at the top of the screen, and as you gain them the empty hearts along the top will start to fill. When the bar is completely full, you'll earn a prize. Usually the prize is either an animal or a small amount of coins. Hearts are free, unlimited, and easy to get, so this is a simple way to earn prizes.

You can also trade animals with your friends, which is a good way to get rid of duplicates or get one you're having a hard time finding. This requires that you be connected to Facebook, and you'll need the Pet Store building (Requires Cashier, Salesman + Assistant)

If you have the Animal Shelter (Requires an Animal Trainer, which is a Sheriff and a Vet), you can adopt an animal once per day. This is similar to the prize you get from collecting Hearts, but guaranteed to be an animal.

Additionally, you can get a lot of animals at once from the Arcade (Requires a Game Designer, Programmer + Artist), where you can play the Claw Game for free once per day. Sometimes I've gotten a 4-pack of animals from this!

Once you have animals, they will sort of hang out around your town. I see them most often in the trees, personally. They won't do anything interesting while just hanging around your town, though.

The primary use for animals is in quests, which you can do once you have Utopia HQ (Requires Civil Servant, Bureaucrat + Secretary). You can get various rewards (including new genes!) from completing quests. Quests tend to require animals in some form or fashion. The animals are used up when the quest completes, though. :(

Pixel People FAQ # 4: What buildings are good to have? (Or, What people are good to have?)

There are a couple of super important buildings that you should shoot for early:

There are some really useful ones as well:

Pixel People FAQ # 3: How do I earn money fast?

Fast money is critical to being able to afford Expansions, which give you more Land. Land is always in short supply!

The key to fast money is:

Once you have these two stacked, you're ready to really produce coins fast. It also helps to have buildings with high earn rates and long work times.

High earn rate buildings:

Long work time buildings:

If you focus on filling these and other high multiplier/high work time buildings up early, you can max out your coins fast in Pixel People!

Pixel People FAQ # 2: How do I get more Utopium?

There are a couple of "one-time" Utopium sources:

There's also some daily things you can do for Utopium:

Additionally, you can earn more Utopium by tapping on the little green icons above your trees. This has a relatively low chance of giving you Utopium though. I'd estimate it at less than 1/10 taps gives you Utopium, and it's more like 1/20 or so. Most of the time you'll just get 100 or maybe 1000 coins.

Finally, you can earn Utopium fast by visiting the TV Station and completing "offers." Some of these are easy and simple to do, but the majority are not. I don't really recommend digging deep to get Utopium here, as the offers either require you to spend actual money or give out your personal info and jump through a crazy number of hoops in order to get anything back. If you're going to pay money for Utopium, why not just buy it from the game itself? It's also not really worth the effort or the spam to sign up for the supposedly "free" offers.

Pixel People FAQ # 1: What should I spend my Utopium on?

The # 1 thing you want to spend Utopium on is generating Spirit. Spirit makes everything cheaper, and especially getting more Land via Expansion. Whenever you can, you want your Spirit maxed out. Yes, you can spend coins on low-level Spirit production buildings, but Land is really your limiting factor in this game.

Pro Tip The best conversion from Land to Spirit is the Convenience Store, which takes one Land and 12 Utopium and produces 6 Spirit. Remember that if you're going to spend Utopium, you should use it on buildings that don't require much land, otherwise you're wasting land!

Next, focus on building housing. Again, here you can spend just coins to build houses, but if you invest 6 Utopium in a Shiny Tower, you get space for 6 clones in just 1 unit of Land. With all the workplaces you need to build, you can't afford to waste your land on houses!

One thing you might notice is that Utopium can be spent on trees, and trees also generate Utopium. It might seem like it makes sense to invest your Utopium in more trees, which would then pay for themselves over time. The downside to this plan is that trees cost land, and land is in short supply. Plus, trees generate Utopium so slowly that you'd either have to be obsessive about playing the game or have a whole truckload of trees for this to really pay off. It's still good to have some trees, but I wouldn't consider it a super high priority.