How do I clear Pet Rescue Saga level 21?

Pet Rescue Saga starts off pretty slow and easy, although I will say the first couple of dozen levels are harder than King's last popular effort, Candy Crush Saga. Once you get to level 21, though, the gloves come off and Pet Rescue Saga gets tricky fast. If you've just started out on this game and you're stuck on Pet Rescue level 21, we've got some tips and tricks to get you over the hump and back to clearing levels!

Pet Rescue Saga Level 21: Rescuing Pets, The Saga

There are two major challenges in Pet Rescue Saga level 21. The first is, oddly enough, rescuing enough pets. On this level you must rescue all the pets. There are two difficulties to this.

One is that the pets start out this level in carriers. A pet stuck in a carrier in Pet Rescue Saga must be freed by matching the carrier with similarly colored blocks. This seems easy enough at the start of the level, since it seems like you're guaranteed to get 3 carriers at the top of the screen that are the same color.

Tapping these guys and freeing them seems like an obvious first move, but it's not always the best! Once freed, the pets will jump up to the top of the screen, where they are vulnerable. If they get stuck on top of a column of blocks that can't be matched, chances are they're going to be lost. If you lose a pet, you lose the level - so make sure you plan carefully to get them away from the top of the screen post-haste!

Pet Rescue Saga Level 21: My Kingdom for a Mesh Breaker!

The bottom half of this level is almost completely covered in mesh. Fortunately, Pet Rescue Saga introduces the Mesh Breaker boost right before this level, which looks like a pair of wire cutters. The game is not-so-subtly nudging you to use one here in order to win.

There's a chance that you'll get stuck anyway, though, so you might blow through your free ones. If you don't feel like paying for more, or you want to conserve your paltry supply of freebies, you're in for a hard road ahead. Get used to this nickel-and-diming for boosts - this is a hallmark of King games!

Try to bring down as many bombs as you can from the upper area, which will give you some free matches to clear a few squares of the mesh out. You can do this by matching closer to the center of the board before matching the outside squares.

There's also a bomb in the lower right that can sometimes give you a few moves when detonated.

Overall though, if you're not going to use a Mesh Breaker, this portion of the level is going to take many, many lives to clear. There's too much covered in the mesh to really get a good hold on the blocks, and the random nature of the colors means that you're going to end up with many unfortunate configurations. Good luck!