Pepper Panic Saga Tricks and Tips Part 2

This is part two of our Pepper Panic Saga tricks and tips beginners guide. If you are joining in the middle, click the above navigation arrow to check out the first page.

Pepper Panics

The "Pepper Panic" is the namesake mechanic of the game, and after playing Pepper Panic Saga for a while you come to both love and hate it. As we alluded to earlier, each time a Flaming Pepper explodes, it concentrates all of the other peppers of the same color. You'll quickly find that this often creates chain reactions, and in fact with each successive exploded pepper the odds increase greatly for another one. If King let this go on forever, it would probably never stop, so the invented a cap when your combo reaches 10x. At this point, a Pepper Panic occurs, combos stop, all remaining Flaming peppers explode and the board is cleared of peppers.

Warning If you've got a lot of upgraded peppers that aren't yet Flaming, a Pepper Panic can be devastating. All of the moves you spent to upgrade those peppers get flushed down the drain as the board gets wiped. When you are trying to destroy Statues or rack up Exploded Peppers, it is often best to concentrate as many peppers as possible to Flaming status before you start a Pepper Panic.

Mister Claws

Because losing upgraded peppers to Pepper Panics was not annoying enough, meet "Mister Claws", the games villain. At some point Mister Claws has an epiphany that his loves peppers too, and decides to start grabbing yours. With a crushingly brutal game mechanic, Mister Claws uses is "robo-paw" to snatch all of the upgraded peppers on an entire row. He does this not once, not twice, but every turn. You will come to hate Mister Claws and wish nine untimely suffering feline deaths, but for the most part you will just have to learn how to avoid him.

Pro Tip The path Mister Claws takes is predictable. Try to work on rows that are farthest away from him, and when he gets close, use vertical matches to drop your upgrade peppers below the row he is attacking.

Pro Tip Five-in-a-row matches and Pepper Panics temporarily knock out Mister Claws. Use them to buy some time, and also do it because it feels good to knock out Mister Claws.

Well we hope you found our Pepper Panic Saga tricks and tips helpful. If you are like Pepper Panic Saga and are interested in some other great alternatives to Candy Crush Saga check out EBongo's recommendations or agent86ix's. Good luck!