Pepper Panic Saga Level 34

Pepper Panic Saga Level 34 is a tough one, arguably much harder than most of the levels before it. You are confronted with a ton of Statues, and the unintuitive nuances of pepper matching really start to show themselves here. Read on for some tips to burn through this one.

Cross your Ts and Dot your Ls

You can destroy the Statues in Pepper Panic Saga Level 34 with Flaming Peppers, but that's not the only way. Special Matches play a big role in wiping out all of the Statues with the limited number of moves you have in this level. "T" and "L" shapes are best because they shoot fire off the ends that breaks or damages statues, but they also upgrade all of the peppers in the fires path. Sometimes that is enough to create multiple Flaming Peppers and break more Statues.

Warning "Four in a row" matches have a similar flame effect, but they also wipe out all Level 1 Peppers in the path of the flame (higher level peppers get upgraded). Use these matches cautiously, since they can mess up other matches you were planning on making if you aren't careful.

Don't Panic

One of the things I truly hate about this level, and to some extent about Pepper Panic Saga in general, is the fact that the "Pepper Panic" is sometimes as much a punishment as a reward. A Pepper Panic will occur any time you destroy ten Flaming Peppers or more in one move. When the Panic occurs, further combos stop and the board is cleared. This starts you back with a board filled with level 1 peppers. As you begin to get a few Flaming Peppers on your board, choose carefully to try and hold off the Pepper Panic. Even as few as one or two Flaming Peppers can set off a Panic, and on Pepper Panic Saga Level 34 that often results in a bunch of mid level peppers being wasted since they are destroyed without damaging Statues.

Pro Tip Flaming Peppers are always detonated, even in a Pepper Panic. Try to stockpile Flaming or high level peppers near your Statues all around the board. When a Panic finally occurs, these peppers will damage Statues, even if the Panic occurs before they explode individually.