PAX Media Pass FAQ pt2

At the event

In part 2 of my guide on attending PAX as Media, I'll cover some "dos" and "dont's" for the actual days of the event. agent86ix and I learned a ton in our first at bat. Hopefully you can benefit from our experience.

Game Plan

PAX is huge, and the sheer scale of it can be overwhelming. Most likely you'll have a pretty hard time not having fun, but getting the most out of it professionally is a little more nuanced. From our experience, I'd recommend the following tips:

Our awesome WOTS branded buttons for PAX

On the floor

When the glorious moment is at hand when your honored soles can grace the hallowed ground of the Exhibition Hall, you'll want to soak up the most of every minute. Here are some tips we learned from our time on the floor.

A "Cupid Shuffle" Line Dance Cosplay Flash Mob