Party Hard Review: This Party is Killer

Party Hard Review: This Party is Killer

We've all been there... It's late, you are trying to sleep, and your neighbors think it's party time. The hours tick by and eventually you might feel like you want to kill them - but you don't, because you're not a homicidal maniac. Party Hard asks the question "what if you were that homicidal maniac." What follows is a cathartic stab-fest, where each party becomes a new "murder playground" filled with a multitude of interactive kill mechanics.

So Much Blood...

Our hero in Party Hard is in the stabbing business... and let's just say business is good. Each level has at least 40 targets or so, and various "bonus" targets will also often show up. Random events, random "kill traps", about a dozen levels, and 4 playable characters mean there is a ton of replay value if you enjoy the stabby-stabbing. I didn't get to try the Twitch integration, but the game supports "audience participation" voting events to troll or help you as you stream. I was also pleased to notice that it is integrated with my AlienWare AlienFX LEDs - spamming colors during the dance emote, and red flashes for the stabs. The amount of content mashed up in this title is impressive, and everything I've come to appreciate from tinyBuild games.

You're Killing Me

It's worth noting that Party Hard can sometimes be... well... hard. The difficulty ramps up fairly quickly, and it can also take a while to get to know the range at which you will be detected by party goers when you are shall we say in the act. After an initial death-a-palooza, you are left to isolate and eliminate the remaining targets, and that can become tedious at times. Random events often serve as a relief, so if you wait long enough you might just get a "sharknado surprise" to help you clean house - but if you want to be the best party murderer you can be... it's going to take some practice.

For live gameplay, checkout our Stream of Party Hard Here.