One Quick Clash Royale Trick I wish I Learned Sooner

I just figured out a Clash Royale Trick that is deviously simple, but can actually make a huge difference in the rewards you get from opening chests. Early on, a lot of new players don't understand the way Clash Royale Chest Loot works, and I must confess that even I made mistake at one point of thinking you could save Chests until a later Arena level before opening them, missing the clear Arena label placed on each one. Luckily, our buddy agent86ix created a full guide on chests that breaks down all of the types and gives some tips and strategies on how to get the most out of them. But I digress...

Tell Us the Tip Already

Well, while you can't gain higher Arena benefits for Chests you've already earned, you can hold slots with an unlocked Chest until you are safely far enough into an Arena to earn a new Chest in that Arena. This can make the pressure for a win way lower and allow you to try for a Chest on your terms once your in the groove and ready to play for a match that counts.

An Example

If you managed to make it to Barbian Bowl but then lost 1 match, you might be sitting near 780 trophies. One more loss and you will probably drop back to Goblin Stadium, and even if you don't lose you are close enough to the border that your opponents might still be in Goblin (which will cause the Chest you win to be from Goblin too). When your next Chest unlocks, you can wait to open it and fight your way up to ~860 trophies to leave some "loss padding". You can then open the Chest to open a slot, and start playing matches again to try and earn a Chest for that slot from Barbarian. As long as you get 1 win before you get 4-5 losses, your odds are pretty good that the Chest you get will be from the higher Arena.

Pro Tip When using this Clash Royale Trick, you don't need to wait to start opening your next Chest. You can choose one of your other Chests and start unlocking it immediately so you don't waste any unlock time. In an extreme case, you could even unlock all of the Chests in each of your slots before opening them, while you fight your way to a safe distance into the Arena you are targeting.

Did you already know this Clash Royale Trick? Do you have more Clash Royale Tricks of your own? Leave us a comment and let us know!