Jelly Splash Beginners Guide (Part 2)


Former Crushers will not be amazed by the Jelly Splash's innovation in the gametype department. Most of the gametypes are derivative, but they still manage to be fun nonetheless.

Clear Grey Slime

Clear the Grey Slime (pronounced "Clear all the Jelly") will be pretty familiar to Crushers. The objective is to remove Grey Slime by splashing jellies on top of it. As you progress, you may also encounter mushrooms which can be cleared when you splash jellies adjacent to them. These must be cleared first before you can clear the Grey Slime. This game type is pretty straight forward just match jellies on the Grey Slim - nuff said.

Pro TipTry and save your Super Jellies for taking out priority Grey Slime. Grey Slime will often be in long rows or columns which you can knock out all at once. Other Grey Slime will sometimes be hard to reach, and Super Jellies can knock these out with far fewer moves.

Bring Down Diamonds

If you were baking candy with Diamonds, those Diamonds might be called Ingredients.. catch my drift? Bring down the Diamons levels require that you move special "unmatchable" Diamond blocks from the top to the bottom of the screen by splashing jellies. Again, fairly straightforward, just splash jellies under the Diamonds to move them down.

Pro TipVertical Super Jellies are your friend on Diamond levels. Save them for when you have a clear shot at the Diamonds, and let them rip.

WarningDiamonds levels also include "diffuser" blocks which cause Diamonds to not fall in a straight line, even when they get hit with a Super Jelly. Study how jellies move around these diffusers, and try to either take the motion into account, or save your Super Jellies for after the Diamons have cleared this area.

Splat Slime Guards

In the first mildly original gametype, Jelly Splash offers "Splat the Slime Guards". In this gametype, the Slime Guards are "Splatted" by splashing jellies next to them, and when all of the Slime Guards on screen are removed, the screen will scroll down to a new board with more Slime Guards. The gameplay will continue this way until you reach the last Slime Guard and the "true" bottom of the level. The technique for winning is not that different from "Grey Slime" levels. The Slime Guards are basically just "mushrooms" except they are the objective of the level.

Pro TipTake the opportunity to bank some Super Jellies every so often when you see a large batch of jellies together, especially right before you advance the screen. Sometimes the jelly layout will be less favorable when you advance, and having some Super Jellies in your back pocket can keep you from getting stuck or wasting a bunch of moves consolidating.

Cashing In

Yet another concept Jelly Splash borrows from Candy Crush is the end of episode "roadblock". In a less conventional move, Jelly Splash allows you to get past this roadblock for free if you have enough "stars", which you receive based on the score you get for each level. This option is interesting because it allows you to unlock levels, even on Facebook, just by playing the game. It also encourages you to replay levels you have already beaten to improve your score - which is much less incentivized in Candy Crush Saga. Passing an episode this way requires 3 stars on many of the levels, so it can still be a grind. You also have the option of Facebook friend harassment and pay with the monies.


The Jelly Splash matching mechanic alone is a pretty nice change of pace. The weight of the freemium model does start to taint the few novelties of the game after a while, but as a break from the abusive difficulty of Candy Crush many will find the friendly jellies of this game a welcome relief from the soulless translucent squares of that other game.