How do I evolve my Gift Monster?

Teen Gift Monster

Are you ready to evolve your Gift Monster to a teen and adult? Are you tired of looking at that stupid dancing box with legs? Yeah... me too.

Evolving to teen: Step 0: Breed or buy a Gift Monster. Wait 13 hours and hatch it. This will complete the Joy of Giving quest.

Step 1: Feed your gift monster food until level 4.

You can now complete the following quests: Holiday Cheer - Buy a Snowflake Decoration

Icy Gifts - Level an Ice Hybrid to level 10. For this reason, I tend to always keep hybrids of all types around level 8. No real reason to level them to 10 (earn rate difference is negligible).

Holiday Trimming - Buy 2 stockings.

Step 2: Tuck in your level 4 Gift Monster at the Dream Room and wait 7 hours. This will complete the Time for Teen! quest (and no, you don't evolve him out of the box).

You can now complete the following quests: Cheery Decoration - Buy a Snow Monster Decoration

Holiday Feast - Harvest 5 crops

Jolly Holly - Hatch a Holly Monster. Find out how to breed one here.

The Holly Monster* - Hatch a Holly Monster

Step 3: Check back soon. Full adult evolution is not yet unlocked.