How do I clear Candy Crush Saga level 95?

Candy Crush Saga is infamous for its challenging levels, and EBongo had warned me of the particularly high difficulty of Candy Crush Saga level 95. I hit it today and managed to get past it, using my keen eye for game strategy which I am far too humble to brag about. (FYI: I'm awesome.) Having returned from the depths of level 95, I've distilled my expertise into this guide, which I hope will get you over the "Candy Crush Saga Last Level of the Episode" hump and back to the "easier" levels that lie beyond.

Candy Crush Saga level 95 is a bit weird looking, almost like a Space Invaders alien. This odd shape means you've got a lot of tight corners to maneuver in.

The first thing you should note is that the only areas that will clear ingredients are in the far left and far right of the level. It's impossible to match in order to move an ingredient down once it's in these pockets, unfortunately. You're going to have to rely on horizontally striped candy, which means you're going to need vertical 4-in-a-row matches this time around.

The only way into these tiny pockets at each side of Candy Crush Saga level 95 is via teleporters you can see in the bottom center. In order to get into these, you've got to get your ingredients to the bottom and aligned just right. Unfortunately, the ingredients have a lot of places to get stuck here.

There's not a lot of benefit to repeatedly rolling on Candy Crush level 95 (Need info on rolling? Click here!), really, since the first order of business is just moving the ingredients downward. You could try for some early horizontal striped candy, but it's likely to just get in the way before you need it.

A vertical striped candy in the first couple of moves could prove useful, if it's in the correct column to bring an ingredient all the way down, though. Just make sure you move your ingredient into the correct column before setting the vertically striped candy off.

My advice would be to try and get your ingredients aligned with the central teleporters before they end up at the bottom of the level. Otherwise, you've got a long road to hoe in order to bring them into alignment once they're at the bottom. Candy Crush Saga level 95 is punishing in this regard, to be sure.

There are little "no mans lands" in the upper right and left corners of this level that can be a pain to work your way back out of as well. It can be hard to predict how the candies are going to move if you match and leave gaps, so keep your wits about you.

Ultimately, you're going to have to rely on horizontal striped candies and any special candy combos you can pull off to win Candy Crush level 95. Here again, the "power moves" are really a striped + a wrapped or a striped + a color bomb.