How do I clear Candy Crush Level 33?

Candy Crush Saga starts out pretty easy, but by the time you hit Candy Crush Saga level 33 in Lemonade Lake, the difficulty ramps up considerably. Candy Crush Level 33 is very, very challenging. In this guide, I'll do what I can to ease the burden of level 33.

There's no getting around it - this game hates you. Like, actively hates you, the player. When the robots rise up and overthrow our sorry civilization, they will use this game as a blueprint for their "carbon-based life form torture chambers." "N-N-No, not the CANDY! AAAAAHHHH-..." but I digress.

The goal here is to clear all 16 of the jelly squares. Each jelly square takes two matches on top of it to clear. Since they're arranged in 2 by 2 squares, this means you can match on top of at most 2 squares with a standard 3-in-a-row match.

Do the math with me now - you have to match four times per quadrant and there are four quadrants. That means that assuming you could match 3 on every move and clear 2 squares of jelly, you'd need 16 moves. Take a close look at the move counter - you've got 14. That's two less than you'd need even in the optimistic case where you can always match 3 on top of jelly with each move, so chances are you're going to need more like 20-25 moves to win.

To add insult to injury, the quadrants are divided in such a way that you can't get a 5-in-a-row match ever, and a "wrapped candy" match is going to be extremely rare. So, you're stuck with match 3 and striped candy moves.

But Wait, There's Hope!

The game a) hates you and b) is unfair. That's the bad news. The good news is, you can still win.

Here's the trick:

Like I mentioned in my Rolling Guide, you can enter and exit the level as many times as you want as long as you're playing on a phone, you don't make a move, and the level isn't timed. The starting candy layout will be different each time.

What you want is at least one 4-of-a-kind match on top of the jelly in one of the two lower quadrants. Both would be ideal, but that may be more exiting and entering than you're willing to put up with.

If you can start with a 4-of-a-kind match, and use that striped candy to clear out an entire row or column of jelly squares, that should be enough to give you the bump you need to overcome this level.

Beyond that, it's going to take a lot of luck and a lot of lives. This is one level where I wouldn't fault you for using some of your consumable boosts.

Any other levels you're stuck on? Maybe I can help! Leave me a comment and inspire my next article!