How do I clear Candy Crush Level 30?

Welcome to Candy Crush Level 30, same meringue evil, but now with more challenge. By the time you've finished the twenties in Candy Crush Saga, you are starting to have an alternate theory about the fluid composition of the Lemonade Lake. Given the pain and suffering these candies can invoke, it's hard to imaging a lake monster that has been exposed to them for long periods of time would not be affected. But I digress... on to the tasty tips to lessen your pain :).

Oh you again

Yes its the dreaded meringue, and this time it's back in a weird pyramid shape. Because of the nature of this shape, it will initially be difficult to clear more than one meringue at a time. You'll want to either work from the middle down, or from one of the sides. Once you get a toe-hold, it will be easier to form matches that eliminate a bunch of meringue at once. Keep this in mind and prioritize moves that clear as much meringue as possible - getting you more candies on the board and more possibilities for special candies.

No need to show off

You could clear all of the meringue in Candy Crush Level 30, but remember that you don't have to. Your primary goal is dropping Ingredients to the bottom, and some well places striped candies can drop those babies right out - even with much of the meringue still in place. Also bear in mind that Ingredient only drop into the columns where you are matching. When you think another Ingredient is about to show up, try to focus matches in columns where the meringue is already cleared.

If Candy Crush is getting you too stressed, check out some similar games here or here. Good luck, and keep crushing!