How do I Clear Candy Crush Level 102?

By the time you reach Candy Crush Level 102, you are pretty used to tough obtacles. You are no stranger to licorice and chocolate, and after the nineties you are getting more used to the hated bombs as well. Welcome to Level 102, which features all of those mechanics in a challenging mash up. This is a tough one that takes some strategy, but with focus and the right plan you can get through if you follow the tips below.

Tearing a new one

On Candy Crush Saga level 102, you'll need to punch a hole in the lower layer of licorice swirls and chocolate - ideally expanding it till all licorice and chocolate are gone. This can be accomplished by either making a match on the lower layer (if one exists), or by punching a hole through with a Striped Candy or Striped Candy Combo. The work is not over once you punch the hole, because the lower chocolate layer will immediately begin expanding. Try and wipe out the chocolate with lower matches, and special candies from above. Take your time and choose your moves carefully.

Pro Tip Once you've made a hole, dropping special candies into the lower level before activating them can make a big difference. Horizontal Striped candies used in this way are particularly effective, and a Striped + Wrapped in the lower level can clear all of the chocolate in one swoop.

Pro Tip Remember that Ingredients are the main goal. Occasionally you can get lucky with a vertical Striped candy, and send an Ingredient all the way out, even before all licorice/chocolate is cleared.

Because that's just too easy

There are also the bombs to deal with. You start with a 5 turn bomb on this level, and nearly as quickly as you clear them, there is another in place. There is almost no avoiding the fact that you are going to lose a few rounds just based on bombs. However, it's important to see the bombs for what they are: a distraction. You can devote all of your moves to bombs, and they'll still keep coming. Instead, try to focus on the main objective and match bombs opportunistically.

Pro Tip If you see that a bomb is in a position where it can be matched in one move, it is sometimes best to make another move first.

Warning Bombs that appear in an area with no obvious matches should be focused on immediately. Spend the moves to get them crushed, or it's game over.

Candy Crush level 102 can be a pain, but it's ultimately survivable. If Candy Crush is getting you too stressed, check out some similar games here or here. Good luck, and keep crushing!