How do I breed an Equinox Dragon in DragonVale?

Do you want to know the fastest breeding combination to hatch the Equinox Dragon? Did you miss it the first time around? Well twice a year the day and night are about equal, and near those times you can nab yourself one of these rare dragons. All of the details are below:

Equinox Dragon

Breeding Pair: Blazing + Fog or Blazing + Water

Breeding Time: 24 hours or 19 hours 12 min (with upgrade)

Availability: During the spring or autumn Equinox

Type: Sun/Moon

Price: 2,250 Gems (Definitely not worth it for this one)

I would note, that while other rare dragons are available, I'd save this one till towards the end, unless you just really love the design. The Equinox is a really poor earner - worse than even the regular Sun/Moon dragons.