How do I breed a Solstice Dragon | Dragonvale

Curious how to hatch a Solstice Dragon? Want to know the fastest breeding pair of dragon parents to get one? Have you looked enviously at this two-headed beauty in your friend's park - wishing you had one too? Well the summer solstice approaches (isn't it great how games teach you stuff?), and with it comes the return of the Solstice Dragon.

Solstice DragonBreeding Pair: Blazing + Lava

Breeding Time: 23 hours 30 min or 18 hours 48 min (with upgrade)

Availability: Till Summer Solstice (~ June 21st)

Type: Sun

Price: 2,250 Gems (Gulp!)

It happens that the adult is kind of hideous, but the baby is pretty cute. Fountain of Youth that thing all the way. This dragon is also a great earner at the Sun habitat, and it can provide a gateway to breeding other limited Sun/Moon dragons like the Solar and Lunar Eclipses and Equinox (during their breeding windows). Definitely worth the grind.