Tips and Tricks for Hay Day!

In my previous Hay Day guide, I covered the basics of getting your farm off the ground. I showed you how to grow crops, make stuff with them, tend to your animals and make a small pile of coins while you're at it. Now let's talk about a few advanced Hay Day tips and tricks that will have you bringing home the bacon (and eggs)!

# Hay Day Tips: The Roadside Shop

The Roadside Shop is a way to put goods up for sale that Visitors or Orders aren't interested in. The Roadside Shop makes your goods available to other people to buy. The Roadside Shop takes anything. It doesn't matter what! The Roadside Shop is a terrible place to sell rare stuff, but if you overproduce something easy to make, like Wheat or Corn, it can be a good way to free up some space in your Hay Day Silo.

There's one major caveat, though. Once you put something up for sale, you've got to wait around for it to sell. You can't take your goods back from the Roadside Shop without paying for it in diamonds. Yikes!

When you put something up for sale in the shop, you can adjust the price to your liking. If you don't mind waiting, you can raise the price to make a bit more money than you would otherwise. If you just need money fast, though, lowering the price will get the goods out of your farm sooner.

Warning Just remember: don't sell the last of any of your crops. Remember that you need at least one of a crop type in order to plant more!

# Hay Day Tips: Browsing the Paper

Okay, so say you didn't read that last warning. You went and sold all your Wheat. Now what? You could pay some diamonds to get more, but ugh! What a waste!

Instead, the best thing you can do is check the paper. Just tap on the mailbox by the road to access it.

From here, you can see what other people have put up for sale. You can then buy excess crops that they don't want or need.

Tip It's not obvious, but you can actually swipe across the screen to change the page on the paper.

Occasionally you'll also see special offers in the paper. You can sometimes buy extra rare items at a significant diamond discount if you shop smart. Just remember that there are usually other ways to get these items, like harvesting crops, tending to animals, making goods, and so forth. Don't go crazy spending diamonds (which cost actual money) on stuff you can sometimes get for free!

# Hay Day Tips: Visiting Other Farms

If you connect Hay Day to Facebook and your Facebook friends play Hay Day, you can visit their farms by tapping the "people" icon in the lower right.

Don't want to connect to Facebook, or your friends are silly people who don't play? You can also visit random people's farms. You can find them in the paper, for instance.

Once you tap their icon, you can browse their farm. While you're here, you can browse their Roadside Market for cheap goods, and you can help them in various ways, but you can also find Mystery Boxes that might contain diamonds or other useful stuff. Keep your eyes peeled!

# Hay Day Tips: Expanding Your Silo and Barn

Oh, man. You won't play this game for 5 minutes without thinking to yourself "How do I expand my Hay Day Silo?" The Hay Day barn is also pretty tiny, but the Silo is particularly bad.

In order to upgrade the Hay Day Silo to hold more crops, you'll need Nails, Screws, and Wood Panels. These can be found in the red Mystery Boxes, they can also be bought from other people's Roadside Markets, sometimes you can get them from the Wheel of Fortune, and you can sometimes get them from harvesting crops.

Similarly, in order to upgrade the Hay Day Barn to hold more goods, you'll need Bolts, Planks, and Duct Tape. These can be found in the same way - Mystery Boxes, Roadside Markets, Wheel of Fortune, or harvesting crops.

You can also cheese the system by buying them with diamonds. This is one of the big ways the game milks you for money early, so these items are intentionally hard to find.

Tip Since you can occasionally find these items by harvesting crops, if you plant a lot of fast crops, you'll get more chances to find them. When you have time to babysit your farm, try planting a lot of Wheat and then harvesting and selling it in your Roadside Market. It's a slow process, but hey, it's free!

# Hay Day Tips: Clearing Land

Inevitably you're going to find that you need more space for your farm. There's a lot of stuff on your land that can be cleared out. Each different obstacle has a different tool required for clearing it.

These items can be found in the same way as parts for your barn and silo. Harvesting crops, opening Mystery Boxes, spinning the wheel, etc. You can also find them in Roadside Markets if other people have them in excess. I've seen several of these types of items offered in the paper as a "special deal" in exchange for diamonds as well.