Guide to Understanding Clash Royale Emotes

If you are new to Clash Royale, you have a lot to learn - but among the many aspects of tribal knowledge is the games fairly robust emote system. Regardless of where your opponent may live, and whether you speak the same language, few rounds will go by without a wealth of "communication". Since it may not be easy at first to understand everything that is assaulting your eyes, we've put together this handy Guide to Understanding Clash Royale Emotes. Enjoy!

Basic Emotes


Positive: Awesome. I am happy. This is great. Despite our differences, I respect you and you are my friend, if only for a few moments.
Negative: Burn. Take that. How do you feel now you little baby.
Wild Card: Go &% yourself.


Positive: Ouch. That hurt. I'm disappointed in myself for not playing to my full potential. Negative: Grrr. That was bull$h!t. I hate you so much right now.
Wild Card: Go &% yourself.


Positive: Sad face. This draw was terrible. It is not looking good for me, too bad it turned out that way this time, but I respect your skill.
Negative: You want to cry? Are you crying little baby? Why don't you cry some more, little tiny crying cry-baby. Waaaaaaa....
Wild Card: Go &% yourself.


Positive: That was unexpected! Hilarious. We can both agree that outcome was unusual, and so disarmingly uncommon that we both can't help but laugh. Lol.
Negative: Eat that. I got you. You are terrible at this game, and even though I gain nothing from shaming you, I want to be sure you feel miserable for as long as we are interacting.
Wild Card: Go &% yourself.

Good Luck!

Positive: Good Luck! May the best man win. No matter how this turns out, I hope we both have fun.
Negative: You are going to need good luck to beat me. Even though you beat me, it was total luck. I hope you have terrible luck.
Wild Card: Go &% yourself.

Well Played!

Positive: Wow, that was a skillful play. I acknowledge your prowess. I'm impressed.
Negative: That was hilariously bad. Are you playing with your feet? I can't imagine a worse way to have handled that play. You are terrible, and I want to spend a few extra seconds to really be sure you know that.
Wild Card: Go &% yourself.


Positive: That was an amazing play. You really got me there. I did not see that coming, bravo.
Negative: You did so bad on that play I want to emphasize it. You got lucky on that play, and you didn't deserve it. This game is unfair in a way that always impacts me, but never my opponents.
Wild Card: Go &% yourself.


Positive: I appreciate your decorum and civility. You are well mannered and a genuinely good person, and I wish you the best not only in this game, but in life in general.
Negative: You gave me that tower. You gave me that win. It was so easy to beat you it was like a gift. Were you trying to lose, because you played so bad that I have to assume you weren't even playing that last round.
Wild Card: Go &% yourself.

Good Game!

Positive: Win or lose, I really enjoyed that. This is a great match up - its so intense.
Negative: I've already won. This game is over. You are already defeated, and I want to use the remaining time that I have your attention to do whatever I can to ruin your day because I'm sure you deserve it.
Wild Card: Go &% yourself.


Positive: Darn, I messed up. Its a shame, but I made bad decision there. That was not what I meant to do.
Negative: Bet you didn't mean to do that. Oh no! - I just totally owned you! You made a mistake, like all players do, but I'm not going to let it go - I want to be sure you feel the maximum amount of irritation.
Wild Card: Go &% yourself.


Good Luck! Good Luck! Good Luck!

Negative: You don't deserve that win, you just got lucky.

Wow! Wow! Laughing

Positive: That escalated quickly, lol.
Negative: I can't believe how bad you are... this is hilarious. I can't believe how lucky you are, congrats on the undeserved tower/win.

Oops! Crying Laughing

Negative: You messed up.. why don't you cry about it, you big baby. Boo hoo hoo... your pain is hilarious.

Laughing Thumbs Good Game!

Negative: Suck it - you should have spent more time playing and less time trolling me.

... and many many more. We hope you have found our Guide to Understanding Clash Royale Emotes to be informative. Do you have any additional meanings or phrases you have discovered (or invented)? Leave a comment down below and let us know!