Five Surprising CoC Clan Wars Secrets (pt 2)

4. Rolling the tape

One of the really cool aspects of Clan Wars is that it gives your whole Clan the chance to review the same targets in a lot of detail, and analyze the results of one or multiple attacks on each of those targets. Don't miss this opportunity to learn ways to improve your own raids, and share learnings with clanmates.

Attack in progress!

If you are chatting with a clanmate who is about to attack, open the War Map and watch their target. If you time it right, you should have an option to "Watch Battle Live". This gives you a cool opportunity to see exactly what they see, and try and assess whether you would make the same decisions or choose differently. Be sure to congratulate big wins, and offer condolences on crushing defeats - but either way, see what can be learned from each attack. Even a major slip up can identify trap locations and defensive weak point or blind spots.

Did you see that?!?

At any given time, the best attack on each base on the War Map is accessible by clicking the blue "Replay" button - but what if you want to see one of the other attacks against it? You can! Simply tap the blue star next to the opposing clans name on the War Map, and a dialog will open up with various tabs of stats and details about the Clan War. On the "War Events" tab a replay is available for every battle in the Clan War so you can watch those epic moments again and again.

5. War winnings and your "real" Clan Castle

As if the rest of Clan Wars were not confusing enough, the actual loot mechanics have further nuances to confuse you.

Ghost Loot

During each of your two attacks in the Clan War, you will destroy Collectors and Storages as you seek to completely obliterate your enemies and salt the earth so that nothing ever grows. If you're paying close attention, you'll notice that you get a modest amount of loot during these attacks. This Ghost Loot seems to come from basically nowhere. Your opponent does not lose it as a result of your attack, and it doesn't seem to be related to how much loot that opponent actually has at the time of the attack. Spooky.

What are those tiny shapes?

Like I touched on in # 2, you will win loot at the end of the war depending on a) the targets you personally defeated with at least one star b) whether your clan won, lost, or tied. If you win, what you see is what you get. If you tie or lose, you'll still get something, but much less. So where does all of this loot go? Obviously the most logical place to store it is in tiny containers on top of your Clan Castle. Here I'm referring to the Clan Castle in your real base (not your War Base). I'm of two minds about whether SuperCell did us a favor by storing the loot in the CC, or figured out another backhanded way to expose our hard fought booty to further plundering, but regardless... that's where you can find your loot after the Clan War is over.

Pro Tip If you like to leave your Clan Castle empty and outside your base (and why is that again?) then take heed that it is now a tiny Storage, and should be treated like one. I find it useful for setting aside a little bit of extra Dark Elixir when I'm trying to make a push to an expensive DE upgrade, but opinions vary about whether or not you should immediately empty your CC as soon as you have space to do so, or leave your winnings in there until you need to spend them.

Warning After the stones are cast in a Clan War, and you know roughly how much loot you are going to win - check and make sure you have room in your Clan Castle, and "Collect" it's contents if you do not. Losing all of that loot to overflow would be a genuine tragedy.

Got any of your own CoC Clan Wars tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments!