Connecting Your Farmville 2 and Country Escape Farms

Farmville 2: Country Escape shares more than part of its name with the Facebook version of Farmville 2. You can also send truckloads of crops between the two! But how do you do this, and why should you? We'll tackle this issue in our Farmville 2 and Country Escape guide to connecting your farms!

I covered a bit of this already, as part of my **Top 10 Answers for Farmville 2: Country Escape.** (If you haven't read that already, go ahead, open it in a new tab! It's awesome! We'll wait.) However, it seems to be a somewhat valuable but tricky topic, so I thought I'd go into some detail in this article.

Farmville 2 and Country Escape Connection Prerequisites

In order to connect your Facebook farm to your Country Escape farm, you must:

If you just hit level 8 or level 5 in the respective games, you might have to refresh or close and reopen the game to get it to register.

Obviously, you have to use the same Facebook account for both games. If you use a different Facebook account on your phone, you won't get credit!

Sending Items Between Your Farmville 2 Farms

Once you've hooked the two farms up, you will find a truck parked on the far left of your Facebook farm:

There's also a truck parked at your Country Escape farm, next to Eagle Eye Eddie's landing strip:

You can start with either farm, just tap or click the truck to start loading it.

The truck holds three crates which can hold a small amount of the types of stuff available at both farms. Usually they hold 3 or so of whatever you've got to transfer.

Once you fill the truck, you can send it to the other farm. Then you can go to your other farm and accept the goods you just sent. This transfer happens pretty quickly, assuming your phone/tablet has internet access.

You can then load crops up in your truck and send them back to the other farm.

You can only make one round trip per day more or less. There's a long (18+ hour) cooldown before you can load the truck up again once it's made it's rounds.

Sending Crops for Fun and Profit

Since sending crops is a rather rare event, what crops should you send between your Farmville 2 and Country Escape farms?

I like to send things that grow fast in Country Escape to my Farmville 2 farm, and return with things that take a long time to grow. I do this because the barn storage space on the Farmville 2 farm is not limited severely like Country Escape's is.

Thus, the things I'll send to Facebook are things like Wheat, Apples, Milk, and Corn for instance.

Meanwhile, in my Facebook Farmville 2 farm, I'm growing an enormous amount of things like Wool, Strawberries, Peaches, and Lemons. These take a while to grow in both farms, but they're super valuable in Country Escape. I can set up a massive Lemon tree grove for cheap, for instance. Then I've always got Lemons in my Country Escape farm if I need them.

Pro Tip Eagle Eye Eddie will frequently request things that are kind of hard to come by in your Country Escape farm. He only visits roughly once a day, though, just like your truck. Thus, I will save my truck until I know what Eddie wants. I can then send a truckload of whatever I need to make what he wants to my Country Escape farm and save myself a whole mess of trouble.

That's all there is to connecting your Farmville 2 farm with your Country Escape farm. Hope that helped! Got more questions? Leave a comment or come like us on Facebook!