How do I clear Pet Rescue Saga level 85?

Pet Rescue Saga level 85 caught me unawares and stumped me for several days. It's got some insidious tricks with locks and keys, as well as a ton of cages to trip you up. In this guide, I'll cover some simple tips and tricks to clear Pet Rescue Saga level 85 without any boosts.

From the start, you'll notice a few things about Pet Rescue Saga level 85. First is the keys in either corner. Next, there are a bunch of bombs here. Finally, there's a whole bunch of lock bricks.

You might be tempted to start by immediately breaking open one of those keys and using it. That's the fastest way to lose this level! In fact, what you want to do is drop the whole screen by one block. That means you have to bring down the three blocks that are on the top row, by matching underneath them. When the screen moves down one block, you'll uncover a second set of locked bricks! If you just use your key straight away at the start, you'll miss these bricks and get stuck when you come to even more locked bricks later on.

Try not to break open too many of the bombs at once, as they'll just blow up each other and go to waste. The bombs on the right are especially valuable, as they're closer to your pets later on. However, most of these bombs will be broken open and funneled towards the left early on, so it can be impossible to get them anywhere you can use them.

While you want to conserve the bombs if possible, but also try to break both keys out of their glass cages here if you can. If you use one key before breaking the glass on the other one, you'll have to do it later on and the block arrangements might be against you. Up top, you can use the bombs to ensure you can get it to break open. Also take a good look on the right side of the screen - there will be one colored block that is impossible to match. You must use a bomb to clear it! Sneaky, guys!

Once you move the screen down a bit, you'll encounter the pets. You need to save 6 of the 7 that you see here in order to move on from Pet Rescue Saga level 85. Unfortunately, there are a couple of lines of cages that will get in the way of that goal. There's a spring boost (the "row blaster" I believe it's called) on the right, but it can be tricky to get it into any useful position.

My suggestion here would be to leave a large stack of blocks on the left while you clear the right side as much as you can. Why do this? It makes all the tall stacks and the trapped pets on the right scoot over and spread out, which means you can fit more rows on the screen at once. If you move the screen down, clearing these columns won't help.

The final section comes down to more or less luck, unfortunately. If one of your pets has gotten trapped in a cage, you can sometimes save them with a salvaged bomb or that spring boost you saw earlier. You're also going to have to hope that the blocks at the bottom are arranged in such a way that you can actually clear them and get the pets to the bottom of the screen.

Pet Rescue Saga level 85 is definitely going to take a few tries, but as long as you focus on the elements I've given here, you should eventually prevail! Good luck!