How do I clear Pet Rescue Saga level 80?

Pet Rescue Saga level 80 starts out weird and then gets downright tricky before it's over. This is one level where people consistently get stuck. In this guide, I'll give you all the tips and tricks I've worked out to get past Pet Rescue Saga level 80, and with luck you'll be done with it in no time flat.

This first section of the level has a lot going on, and sadly there's enough random elements here that occasionally you're likely to fail even before you can move off this screen! There are a few key objectives here that you need to keep in mind while you're playing, which I'll outline now without further ado. Well, except for that ado about no further ado. And this ado. But seriously now, I'm done ado'ing.

There are two keys here, and a total of 5 metal blocks. There are also a bunch of those spring boosts scattered around the outside. The springs are only here to clear out the metal blocks and get those keys down. You may or may not have matches you can make in the left and right columns here, it's random unfortunately.

What you want to do is get those keys down without running out of springs. To that effect, you want to try to align the springs with the metal boxes. (Duh. That was a super-pro tip, yeah? I bet you're feeling reeeeeal enlightened now!) You can do this by matching blocks or by using some of the lower springs.

Ideally, you don't want to match a spring that is aligned with a spring on the other side. This is a waste of a spring! You do have more springs than you really need here, but not wasting them is a priority.

There's a spring off the screen on the left hand side that you can't use right away. If you can clear the entire top row, the screen will scroll down and reveal it. You could do this by using the top left hand side spring, but you can also do it by matching blocks enough across the whole screen to clear that top row the "normal" way.

Once you've worked out a way to get those metal blocks out of the way, the keys should be broken out of their glass cages. You MUST use the key on the left to clear these blocks. If you use the one on the right, the key will get stuck on the left and the screen won't move down until you use it!

Next up is a big lock-up with a bunch of cages. Try to get your pets to move down and left by clearing as much of this space as you can before you unlock these cages. That way, the cages will end up above and to the right of your pets, where they're completely harmless.

The end of this level is pretty standard. Try to conserve your rocket boost if you can for the final stretch, since there aren't a lot of blocks. Checkerboarding is a real issue down in this area. Chances are Pet Rescue Saga level 80 is going to take a few tries to get the "perfect" block combo at the bottom to save all the pets, but this is a dance we should be used to by now, right?