How do I clear Farm Heroes Saga level 53?

Farm Heroes Saga level 53 is another Rancid Raccoon level. That rascal has caused a great big heap of trouble this time, though. No doubt you're in need of some help. No problem! Without the Sarcasm has your back, and with this guide we'll help you trounce Rancid Raccoon and clear Farm Heroes Saga level 53.

All Rancid Raccoon levels in Farm Heroes Saga are about matching as many of the target crops as possible and Farm Heroes Saga level 53 is no different. Keep in mind that there are a couple of crops on this level that do not count!

Thus, you should focus your matching on the four crops listed at the top of the screen. This is one level where every match counts, so keep focused! You can also tell the important crops from the worthless ones because on the grass, only crops that counts will get the +2 bonus.

Pro Tip Since there is grass on this level, it's critical that as many of your matches as possible take advantage of this +2 bonus. It's simply impossible to win without it!

If you can, try to make a five in a row match, which clears all of that given crop off the board. This can be a big help not only because you'll clear a bunch of crops in a single move, but also because clearing so many crops at once will cause a lot of extra matches to occur. If you see 2 groups of 2 crops that look like they could be worked into alignment with a 5th, focus on making matches to make that five in a row possible.

Free Boosts for Farm Heroes Saga Level 53

Now, I'm going to admit here that I had to rely on some boosts to clear Farm Heroes Saga level 53. Luckily, boosts recharge over time in this game! Thus, I didn't have to pay a dime, despite my need for help.

Here's how to get the most out of your free boosts. First, at the start of this level, you'll be able to trade beans for +1 or +2 to all crops for the duration of the level. I would suggest practicing a few times so that you get the hang of this level before you take this bonus. It costs about as many beans as you'd get by winning a couple of levels with 3 stars to take this bonus.

Pro Tip Ideally, you only want to spend your beans once, since they're somewhat limited and are used up whether you win or lose. Thus, I'd suggest letting your boosts recharge before you take this bonus. That way, you can use your free boosts with your beans for maximum boost carnage.

The free boosts I'd suggest for Farm Heroes Saga level 53 would be the +1 boost and the "dog" boost. Both of these have large recharge times, so I tend to wait until I'm down to my last life to use them.

Pro Tip You want to make sure that you're close to winning, so it might make sense to play a bit into the level, and save them for almost the end. No point in wasting them if you get off to a bad start!

If you get close to victory but low on moves, use the +1 first. This will boost all required crops an additional +1, which is on top of any bean bonuses and any matching bonuses you might have already gotten. Then, pick the required crop you have the most of on the board and use the dog on it to collect all of them. It's like an instant, free, 5-in-a-row match!

If you're just completely anti-boosts and bean-less, you can still win Farm Heroes Saga level 53 with enough luck and patience. But hey - this is what we've been saving them up for, so if you've got them, use them!