How do I clear Farm Heroes Saga level 33?

If you've just started playing Farm Heroes Saga, chances are pretty good that level 33 is going to be the first time you get stuck. In this Farm Heroes Saga level 33 guide, I'll document the tips and tricks needed to clear Rancid Raccoon's devilish trap and put a stop to his shenanigans.

All Rancid Racoon stages start by asking you if you'd like to spend beans to make the stage easier. Beans are earned by getting stars in stages, so chances are you've got a few to spare by this point. I'd still suggest reading this guide so that you can make the most of your beans, though. Using the beans will add +1 (or more) to your crops in this stage.

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The goal in Farm Heroes Saga level 33 is to clear the "sun" crops. Nothing else counts! You might get stuck and have to clear some other crops to make room for more sun matches, but don't go out of your way to clear anything else. Clearing other matches can add +1 to some of the nearby sun, but this is a short-lived bonus so use it wisely.

You can check your progress towards winning level 33 by looking at the top left. Under your turns is a meter that starts at 100%, and goes down as you match sun. When it's 0%, you win! You can also look at Rancid - the angrier he is, the closer you are to success.

The other issue here is these "frozen" crops. These are similar to the licorice cages in Candy Crush Saga. These crops can't be moved, so you'll have to bring the match to them! Clearing these is a pretty high priority, as without them the size of your matching area and the mobility of your crops is limited.

Remember that all your boosts at the bottom charge over time if you run out. If you're just really, really stuck, don't feel bad about using one. I'd suggest waiting on using these free boosts until you're down to your last life, since chances are you're going to be taking a break soon, win or lose. It's also a good idea to play down to the last few moves, just so that you can be sure you're close before you use a boost. Nothing stinks worse than using a boost and then still losing.

If you lose, you'll be asked if you want to pay gold to continue. I would suggest you save your gold! Gold costs actual, real life money. You can win this stage without any help, or just a few beans which are easier to get. You should save your gold to unlock new episodes!

Farm Heroes Saga level 33 isn't the worst level out there, but it is a sign of the tricky levels to come. Stick with it, and you'll make it!