How do I clear Candy Crush Level 140?

After some of the previous "Complete the Order" levels, you might have seen the goal for this level and laughed. Regular Candies... how hard could that be? After a couple of attempts you begin to see how Candy Crush is at it again though, setting goals that are finely tuned to be just out of reach. Read on below for some tips on how to get ahead of the numbers and clear Candy Crush level 140.

99 Problems

So you might think clearing 99 normal candies on Candy Crush level 140 isn't that tough. Maybe it wouldn't be, except you only have 45 moves. Doing the math, this means you have to clear 6.6 candies per move - which is flat impossible with regular matching. You need to focus on combos and especially the big bang Special Candies and Special Candy Combos. Just about any Special Candy Combo is good, but the Wrapped and Color Bomb combos do the best job of knocking out the most candies at once. Gambling on Wrapped + Color Bomb could net you a bunch of target candies if the second color chosen is also one of the target colors.

WarningColor Bomb + Color Bomb often takes too many moves to set up. Use your Color Bombs indivually, or match them with other Special Candies for best results.

Pro TipWhen you do get Color Bombs, try to wait to use them until you have a lot of a target color on the screen (and always try to use them on target color candies).

Remember the Order

As you are trying hard to make Special Candies and land big matches on Candy Crush level 140, it may be easy to forget that the order is only related to 3 particular candy colors. In order to make your moves count, you need to keep those target colors in mind. Forming Special Candies with the target colors will multiply the benefit by helping you keep your average above the 6.6 you need to win. You also get no benefit for overacheiving, so when some of the orders complete, make sure you are switching focus to the orders which remain.

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