How do I Clear Candy Crush Level 137?

Do you like teleporters? If so, you are going to love Candy Crush Level 137. It is full of them, and as your Ingredients make their way through the "spin cycle" towards victory you make find yourself starting to have a decidedly different emotion towards those shimmering candy transporters. Such is Candy Crush... but fear not - we've got some fresh tips to help you tackle this tough one.

Teleporting terrors

There are 4 sections of the board (labeled 1,2,3,4 on the picture) connected by the teleporters. They proceed clockwise around the board. In each section, there are 3 teleporters (labeled A, B, and C on the picture) and those correspond to 3 identical teleporter outputs in the next section. The columns are always the same. You can use this to your advantage if you think of the level as one big column, and only focus on matches that move the column your Ingredients are in. Vertical matches in an Ingredient column are particularly helpful.

Warning Do not switch your Ingredients out of the path of one of the three teleporters in each section. Doing so can get it stuck, and with so few moves you've got no time to get it out.

Pro Tip It is often best to save some matches in the last section until you are at the end, or desperate. Consider rerolling the level until you have matches in that section. If you get desperate, you can use these matches to get yourself unstuck in any of the other sections, and when you get close to winning these matches will be necessary to move those Ingredients to freedom.

Pro Tip Column "B" is slightly longer than the other columns, so it is easier if you keep the Ingredients in Column "A" or Column "C".

Bringing it home

Even with pretty good strategy and a focus on your Ingredient "columns", you will probably end up a few moves short of nabbing both ingredients unless you use some Special Candies along the way. The board is tight and forming Special Candies is tough, but you'll normally get enough opportunities to make three to five of them. Try and save them until your Ingredients are in the last section, to help with the last push to get them out.

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