Free Gems & Best Gem Uses | C.A.T.S. Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide

Gems are the premium currency in C.A.T.S. - Crash Arena Turbo Stars. As with all premium currencies in free-to-play games, gems bring up those classic questions: How do you earn more free gems in C.A.T.S. - Crash Arena Turbo Stars? What's the best way to spend gems in C.A.T.S. - Crash Arena Turbo Stars? In this C.A.T.S. - Crash Arena Turbo Stars Gems Guide, we'll dig up the answers!

CATS Guide: Earning Gems

Gems aren't too terribly hard to come by in C.A.T.S. - Crash Arena Turbo Stars. The easiest way to get them is by opening boxes. Most of the higher tier boxes will contain at least a few gems. For instance, every day you'll get a bunch of free gems from the "Sponsor" supplies box.

Gems are also often a reward for high placement in the League and Championships. If you need more details on the League or Championships, click here to jump to that guide!

Since both the League and Championships are on timers, keep an eye on both and make sure that as the timer runs out, you stay near the top of the bracket. That will ensure you maximum possible free gems.

CATS Guide: Spending Gems

Right now there's really only a couple ways to spend gems. One is on skipping timers to open boxes. Right now, you can watch an ad and take 30 minutes off the timer on boxes, which seems like a much better deal than spending your hard-earned gems. That said, I've never been much of a fan of using premium currency to skip wait timers in free-to-play games.

The other thing you can spend gems on is super special boxes. The boxes available in the C.A.T.S. - Crash Arena Turbo Stars gem store can't be found anywhere else. They typically contain a ton of parts, or a few guaranteed really good ones.

Pro Tip The contents of the box depend on your Championship level, so it's a good idea to stockpile gems until you're high enough in the Championship rankings that you're going to get worthwhile parts. At the low levels, you blow through parts so fast that spending money or your limited free gems is kind of a waste.

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