Candy Crush Saga Special Candy Combos

While a guide in its own right, this is actually part two of our Candy Crush Saga Special Candies Guide. Hit "Prev" to view the first page if you missed it.

Candy Crush Saga Special Candy Combinations

Each special candy can be matched with another special candy to create a different, and usually better effect. There are a bunch of special candy combos associated with candy boosters, which I won't get into, because I figure most people won't want to pay money to try them out. So, for the "common" special candy combos, below I've explained what each does, and how it is best used.

Striped Candy + Striped Candy

Striped + striped is a workhorse combo that you should get used to using frequently. When you make this match, it creates a "plus sign" effect which clears the row and column from the site of the match. Note that this effect occurs, regardless of the direction of the stripes on the matched candies. This can be helpful if the stripes on your candies are the wrong direction. It can also be very helpful for positioning, and since it only takes two candies to create the special combo, it will save you the time and turns of moving other candies close enough to match with your striped candy.

Striped Candy + Wrapped Candy

As I previously alluded, this is one of the best special candy combos. When you form this combo, there is a similar "plus sign" effect as with striped + striped, except that in each direction the clearing explosion is three candies wide!!! This clears a wide swath of the board, and can sometimes be a single move win. It has many applications, including:

Striped Candy + Color Bomb

One of the reasons striped + wrapped nudges into the best spot for special candy combos, is that it is much easier to create. Striped + color bomb is often more powerful, but since color bombs can't be moved directly without causing a match with another candy, it is a lot hard to make this special candy combo happen. If you do succeed in creating it, the color bomb will explode and make all candies that are the color of the striped candy change into striped candies with stripes of random directions. They will then all explode in random order, creating multiple column and row bursts. It is sometimes beneficial to try a few random matches to get a few more candies of the target color on the screen, because if there are enough striped candies created in this way, it can clear the entire board. Needless to say, this can often lead to a single move win. A few things to consider with this combo.

Wrapped Candy + Wrapped Candy

I don't know why I finded the wrapped + wrapped combo so underwhelming, but I do. I feel that it is perhaps even harder to get than Wrapped + Color Bomb, and its applications are narrow. If you are so inclined to make a wrapped + wrapped combo, you'll be rewarded with a massive explosion which projects out in a two candy square box from each of the two wrapped candies. The candies will then drop down through the cleared candies and explode again in typical wrapped candy fashion. This combo is mediocre to good in a few scenarios:

Wrapped Candy + Color Bomb

Perhaps the absolute least exciting special candy combo is wrapped + color bomb. This combo has the effect of basically two stand alone color bombs, except that the second is for a random color not of your choosing. As you read above, I think the color bomb by itself is often not so great. Adding in a second color bomb that you don't get to control, doesn't add much - especially considering how hard it is to form this combo. This combo can be used for any time you need to non-specifically wipe out some candy. If you already wanted to use the color bomb on the color that the wrapped candy happens to be go for it. Otherwise, I'd consider using them separately and saving the color bomb for the color of your choice.

Color Bomb + Color Bomb

As I mentioned above, this combo is extremely hard to get, and a rare treat you should capitalize on any chance you get. When the two color bombs are matched, a chain reaction sets off that destroys all candies on the screen. Because of the sometimes sadistic rules of Candy Crush Saga, this doesn't result in a win as often as I feel it should, but it is still something that is downright fun (if you like crushing candies). There isn't much to be said in terms of strategy. If you get this pair, just match them.


What separates Candy Crush Saga from other match-3 games is the special candies. Learning how to create and effectively use each special candy will be essential to defeating some of the tougher levels. It is a lot to learn all at once, so keep this guide bookmarked and refer back to it whenever you have questions. With enough crushing, you'll have it memorized before you know it.