Candy Crush Level 181 - How to Beat It!

Candy Crush Level 181 is one of the few levels with a predictable start. Our secret weapon of rerolling levels won't do you any good on this one, but luckily we have a few other tricks up our sleeve. Read on below for some tips to tackle this toughie.

Freeing up some space

The first thing you'll need to do is make some space to work with, so that you can create Special Candies. Candy Crush Level 181 is filled with what I refer to as "whipped" Meringue (I refer to the brown squarish Meringue as "wrapped", since it has a wrapper on it). That's the white stuff that clears any time you crush one candy next to it. Use a few moves to clear out whipped Meringue and try to free up the space down to one to two rows below the Ingredients. More vertical space will make it easier to form Special Candies, and especially the Horizontal Stripes.

Pro Tip You don't need to clear the whipped Meringue to the bottom before you start launching Stripes, and in fact it is better not to. Once all of the whipped Meringue is clear, the hardest "wrapped" Meringue to clear tends to be the first one under the Ingredients. Try and hit this one while you are clearing whipped Meringue, while the "floor" of the level is still high.

Stripes stripes stripes

Candy Crush Level 181 will test your skills (and luck) at making Striped Candies. At first you might think this level would be a cake walk with all of the moves you get, but you'll soon find yourself coming up short as you try to pound those wrapped Meringues that seem to never give up. On the top and the bottom, the Level 2 wrapped Meringues will take you 3 moves to clear, and in the middle the Level 3 wrapped Meringues will take you 4 moves. Doing the math, you'll see you'd need to send 14 Horizontal Striped candies to clear that mess. Statistically, that's a pretty unlikely way to win. Instead, you'll need to focus on creating combos, and Wrapped + Striped will be the main workhorse. When you match the Wrapped + Striped the row where the match occurs will be the center of a 3 row blast, which will damage/destroy 3 Meringues at once. You can also sometimes use the blast to hit Horizontal Stripes you've set up in other rows, to save moves. If you can get 2-3 Wrapped + Striped combos you can usually clear up the rest with single Horizontal Stripes.

Pro Tip While Wrapped + Striped is the name of the game, you may get lucky and come up with a chance at Striped + Color Bomb. This can sometimes even be all you need to win the round. Try and hold off on using it until you have a lot of candies the same color as the Striped, especially in the rows that line up with the Meringue blocking the Ingredients. It is also even better if you can move the Ingredients down enough to get a "same color" candy in the column above the Ingredients (although you'll often not be so lucky).

Pro Tip Keep in mind that sometimes a Vertical Striped is better than nothing. You can use these just as well as the Horizontal Stripes when forming Striped Candy Combos, and still get the "horizontal" effects. Use these combos to turn your otherwise worthless Vertical Stripes into game winners.

It will still take a decent number of attempts to clear Candy Crush Level 181. If crushing has made you frustrated, you might try one of King's other games like Farm Heroes Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, or Pepper Panic Saga. If you are "saga'd out" you can also check out some recommendations for similar games from agent86ix and me.