Candy Crush Diaries: Level 126 to 132

Entering this new episode brings new challenges - this time we've got "orders" to fill, similar to the way Farm Heroes Saga works. No doubt our old friend chocolate will be making an appearance as well. Let's get to work!

# Candy Crush Diaries: Level 126

The first level of an episode is always a cakewalk. We're just getting introduced to the new mechanic and giving it a whirl. Just got to match the right colors and it's an easy win.

# Candy Crush Diaries: Level 127

Okay, now we're getting slightly more complex, with the addition of some chocolate. Luckily, it's locked behind some barriers and there's no real need to expose it. It can be safely ignored, assuming we play our candies right.

# Candy Crush Diaries: Level 128

Wow, this is a weird level. All the new candies are blocked by those cages at the top. What a mess! It seems like the only way to make progress is to get a vertically striped candy and use it to break through. Luckily, I managed to make one on the first try. Then it's just a matter of matching the color the game wants 99 of. 99! That's a lot of one color of candy!

# Candy Crush Diaries: Level 129

If that last one was weird, this one is even weirder. There's no spare candies at all here. Very few moves, to boot! Just 13 of each color to get, but between the cages and the lack of new candy, this can get tricky. On my first attempt, I managed to fill the order but failed the score goal! Gah!

This is definitely one that benefits from working from the bottom up. On my second try, I cleared it with 5 moves to spare and scored 3 stars!

# Candy Crush Diaries: Level 130

Oh ho! This entire episode is just one weird level after another! This time around, the order is very specific - it wants striped candies matched with other striped candies! The game never really clearly explains that this is possible, and now it's a requirement that you know how to do it and that you be able to make 5 of them in just a few moves!

I actually got a couple of color bombs to form on this level and I was sad about it. Way to go level 130, you've broken me.

# Candy Crush Diaries: Level 131

Man. Wafer Wharf isn't a game - it's an endurance challenge! This time there are four blocks of candy, each arranged in a 4x4 pattern. Each block has its own candy drops, so if one block gets stuck, it'll stay that way unless you run out of moves or you make a match that breaks the boundaries.

In one block, there's a bomb. In another, there's chocolate. The other two have less pressing issues, but they still make things hard. On top of it all, the order is for striped candy, which was tricky to make (AND tricky to match) in these close quarters.

It only took a couple of tries, though, luckily. I rolled until I had matches to clear the chocolate AND the bomb from the get-go, and then worked outward from there.

# Candy Crush Diaries: Level 132

This time the combos are with color bombs. Argh. Clearly this meringue has to go, as with that in the way I can't make a 5-in-a-row match anyway. Even after that's done, setting up the color bombs proved tricky.

And then you've got to match them with 1 striped and 1 wrapped candy. Easier said than done... I think this one is better if you start with the color bomb + wrapped combo, as that will clear a couple of colors off the board and make another color bomb and striped candy match easier.

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