Blek is puzzling simplicity

It isn't all that often that a game comes along that is simple, fun, and new. This is doubly true for the mobile platforms, a [red ocean]( Concept) constantly stained with the blood of competition. When I first encountered new legendary games like Where's My Water, Cut the Rope, or the 800 lb gorilla Angry Birds I was immensely impressed by the simple fun they conveyed. They represent what mobile gaming is supposed to be about - entertaining gameplay experienced in new encapsulated way that you can pick up and play, but will keep you coming back for more.

There is something else about them though.... perhaps just my hubris, but even as I enjoy games like these I feel a part of me struggling with how simple they are. As I interact and study these games, trying to master them, a small voice says: why didn't you think of this? Of course, I don't make games, but when I start to hear this voice it is actually a great complement to the developers. It means that they have conveyed a concept so succinctly that it almost feels like I should have thought of it first- that it had always been there in my mind, a foundation principle of gaming.

Blek is an artfully simple puzzling experience that you will find extremely hard to put down. With a small gesture, you create what I'll call a "line creature" that infinitely repeats your gesture. Your objective in Blek is very simple - touch blue circles / avoid black ones. That's it. The game provides basically no instructions, and you quickly and easily figure out the few rules that govern this world. If you're convinced you should grab it now while it's on sale.

Pro TipBe sure to play Blek with sound on whenever possible, because the little noises that occur each time you fail seem to add even further serenity to this Zen-like experience.