5 Quick Two Dots Tips and Tricks to beat the toughest levels

So you've heard about Two Dots huh? Maybe you read our review and now you're hooked. You know your buddies at WOTS wouldn't get you addicted without sharing some Two Dots Tips to get you past those tough levels. Here are five quick Two Dots tips and tricks to keep you connecting.

1. It's cool to be a Square

The game has some built in "secrets" that they do not explain until you've completed the first few levels. These are moves that you can make when connecting Dots that have other effects. The first and easily most powerful secret is the power of the Square. If you complete any four sided match (rectangles included), it counts as a "Square" which will erase all dots of that color. This is immensely powerful and useful. To some extent, you should almost always be looking for your next Square opportunity.

Pro Tip When you are lucky, you may even have multiple Square matches to choose from. Try to do them in an order which doesn't mess up the others.

2. The bomb secret

The next secret involves making a Square that completely encloses one or multiple dots. Not only will you get the Square effect of removing all Dots of that color, but you'll also generate "bombs" for each dot that was enclosed. These bombs create a spidering effect that knocks out other Dots in a semi-random fashion. Bombs can also destroy Anchors, which can be especially useful in certain situations. In general, bombs are much harder to create than Squares, but if you get a chance to make them - take it.

3. Tops and Bottoms

Similar to Candy Crush, gravity of a sort applies in Two Dots. Cascading combos are not possible though, so it is not always best to work from the bottom. Even when working with Anchors, keep an eye both above and below for chances at power moves. Take a Square anywhere you can get it.

4. Longest does not = best

You'll sometimes have the chance to make a rather long single chain of dots that arcs around the board. While it is true that this is more efficient than a simple "two dot" connection, it is often not the best move. This is because your real focus should be on the fastest path to generating Squares. Each Square nets you a ton of Dots, often more than even a long simple match. It can also set off a series of other Squares, and it often does since all of the Dots that fall in are the same color.

5. Take your time

This may sound simple, but it is one of the most important Two Dots Tips. After playing for only a few minutes, you should be pretty good at predicting where Dots will fall. It is essential that you use the knowledge to your advantage. Many levels are designed so that you can only win if you use Squares or Bombs. You need to carefully consider which Dots to surgically remove to line up the power moves. Once you've gotten a few Squares or Bombs out of the way, you will usually find the levels quite easy - so take your time to line them up at the start of the level.

Warning Rushing can cost you Squares! In order to get credit for a Square you have to complete the connection back to the start. If you are hasty, you may just complete a "U" or "C" shape and get no credit. This is super disheartening, don't let it happen to you. On iOS if you've got vibration turned on, you'll feel a buzz when you have completed the Square, so get used to waiting for that. Alternatively, you can watch the screen which will flash the color of your Square once you've got it connected.

Do you have any of your own tips to share? Stuck on a hard level and need more help? Leave a comment and let us know!