5 More Games Similar to Candy Crush Saga (EBongo edition)

I'm sure you enjoyed agent86's recommendations for games like Candy Crush Saga. If I'm being honest, he's gotten me hooked on Puzzle & Dragons now... the infection is deep, and the only cure is much more dungeon crawling and monster curating. Until recently I didn't even know what a Pengdra was - and now I know that I need as many of those penguin dragons as I can stuff in a box. Nonetheless, I won't stand for him having the last word on matching puzzlers! I also have some recommendations for games similar to Candy Crush Saga... read on to check them out.

Soothing Simplicity

Candy Crush Saga is a game with depth and plenty of challenge, but sometimes you just want to relax and play something simple. I've got a couple of recommendations of games that are just that.

Dots: A Game About Connecting

Candy Crush Saga is cute, but all the sugary sweetness can become overwhelming at some point. Especially when you are thoroughly stuck on a particular level, the cold soul-less eyes of that bizarrely cartoonish girl can begin to haunt you. You know the cure? Dots. This super simplistic, beautiful game is what Candy Crush is deep in it's black heart: a matching game. Dots gives you the simple objective of (you guessed it) connecting the dots. It's simple, but it's easy and fun... and very soothing. A welcome relief from the pressure of CCS.

Doodle Find

Next on my list, comes a game I have spent hours playing, and yet every time I pick it up I find it hard not to want to play "just one more game." Doodle Find is the beautiful child of "Where's Waldo" and "Memory" wrapped in an App package. Your goal is simply to find all of the instances of a particular word on the screen. Sounds easy right? Well as time goes on more and more junk fills the screen, and soon you are scanning around looking the last sock that you know is there somewhere. If you ever get too stuck the game helps you out with a little sound and a wiggle on the item you are seeking. This simple concept will bring you hours of fun, and I believe (based on absolute speculation) that it has a beneficial affect on your ability to visually acquire things you seek that are mixed with a mess of other stuff (especially if your house is full of traffic signs, bowling pins, and various kind of hats).

Triple Town

Considering that this game was recommended to me by agent86, I'm shocked that it didn't make his list. While Triple Town is a "matching" game similar to Candy Crush Saga, the format is a little different. You are given a relatively blank board to place objects from a Tetris-style queue. When you match three objects together, they converge into a more advanced object. Bushes become trees, houses become bigger houses, and damned bears become tombstones. If you didn't hate bears already, the game's villain will certainly have soon have you inventing bear-themed curses, but their are plenty of modes to play including a mode without them. It won't be long before you begin to wonder just how much combining is possible. With that attitude, the triple sky castle will be yours in no time. :)

More complex "Sagas"

If you are more into Candy Crush Saga because of the depth of the details and the nearly indefinite length, also have a few suggestions that are more on the complex side. These games at their heart are "matchers" like Candy Crush, but they also have their own twists that make them worth checking out.

Puzzle Craft

Probably the newest game on the list, Puzzle Craft gets the nod for beautiful graphics and plenty of depth. Similar to games like Candy Crush Saga, there are "match 3" minigames, but there is also the management of your empire to consider. What should you build? Who should you employ? Which games should you spend your taxes on? All of these questions will have you spending hours curating your tiny little community. Like most freemium titles, in-app purchases are available to speed things up, but I really like the fact that the game provides a few "boosters" for free periodically. As a result, you can actually experience what it is like to play the game with them, and work them into your strategy, without spending a fortune. One of many small hints that this is a legit game worth playing, and not just another trojan horse designed for wallet abuse.

Any more?

If you hadn't noticed, agent86 and I play a lot of games. Do you know a "dark horse" matcher that hasn't gotten it's due? Leave a comment and let us know your favorites. Don't forget to check out agent86's recommendations too.