3 Simple Clan Wars Tips Every High Level Clan Knows

We've been playing a lot of Clan Wars lately, and with the changes introduced in the last patch, we thought it would be good to remind you of some basic Clan Wars Tips that are useful in every Clan War.

1. Winners attack

A surprising level of Clan Wars match ups are decided simply by the fact that one side does not use all of its attacks. I've also observed that this affect increases with the size of the Clan. Certainly it becomes harder and harder to control every individual as your Clan size grows, but use the tools SuperCell provides to do what you can.

2. Snatch Victory from the Jaws of Defeat

A LOT of bases give away an easy 1 star to protect against a 2 or 3 star. If your initial push falls short of taking out the Town Hall, take inventory and think before blowing the balance of your remaining troops in a blaze of glory. Get to know the aggro distance of the defensive buildings, and try to snipe any that are exposed. In fact, I often check the aggro distances by tapping on the building during my "Scouting" before I even attack. That way I can make mental note of any "safe" places to snipe buildings from (and also to draw CC troops towards). If doom is at hand, or even if you got a few Stars and you know you won't get all 3 - remember to scout for Traps and Teslas. If you can't 3 Star, at least you can gather intel on those hidden locations and that may be enough for another Clanmate to finish the job.

3. Provide Regular Calls to Action

As the War progresses, there are various tasks to manage. I've found that often there is a vacuum of direction during the War (sometimes even a complete lack of discussion). This can often lead inexperienced players to waste attacks - sometimes even throwing away the win. Here are some example "calls to action" which you should use regularly.