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I didn't think it there was any more heinous preorder transgression than what happened to agent86 - I mean he'll never know what it's like to hold the squid gun. Even still, a gentleman by the name of Dave experienced some amazingly bad customer service on a preorder that eclipses any bad experience on any purchase I've ever heard of or seen. Not only is all of it captured in an email thread, the villain of the story, Paul Christoforo - continues to campaign for the lifetime achievement award in internet douchebaggery.

As I have excitedly discussed this apex of internet drama with various folks, discussion has often shifted to whether the internet hate machine has gone too far in punishing him or the injustice of any potential collateral damage to his wife and kid. As to the latter I can certainly agree, although the worst that I've seen reported is spamming Facebook friend requests. As to the former - while I certainly think there are some lines that should never be crossed, I also continue to see this guy doing interviews in which he incites more hate. Short of mental illness, I'd say if ever there was a dude who deserved a kick in the nuts from the faceless hive mind of the interwebz, it's this guy.