10 PAX South 2017 Must See Games

As agent86ix and I have looked through the Exhibitor list for PAX South 2017 we have been getting hyped... Big Time. The last two years of PAX South have been great, and it really got us interested in the whole gaming conference scene - but it is hard to not get a little jealous of the epic spectacle of West, East, and Aus. This year looks like things are taking a huge step in the right direction as the Exhibitor List has nearly tripled in size, and some really exciting stuff is going to be on display. Every Con is a whirlwind - and since you are probably not pulsing with the same amount of cosmic "hype energy" that courses through the WOTS team vascular system, we thought we'd share some of the best games of the Expo floor that you really must make time to see. Below are our top 10 PAX South 2017 Must See Games, in no particular order.


# Light Fall, Bishop Games

As the trailer on Steam will tell you, I've been drooling to see this game finished ever since we got our first taste two long years ago. The platforming mechanic is incredibly innovative, and the speed and darkness of the game feel like a Limbo-Meatboy-lovechild. I always felt like that Limbo kid should be running faster to be honest.


# Night in the Woods, Finji

I have to check agent86ix every few hours to make sure he isn't making any rash decisions to get early access to Night in the Woods. The "paper cut" art style and vivid colors give the game a totally unique richness that is almost tactile. Add to this an irreverent sense of humor with plenty of snark and you've got a game right up our alley. The doctors say that agent86ix's uncontrollable urge to roll in dead leaves can't be cured until his Night in the Woods hunger is sated - so I'm sure we'll be spending some quality time at the Finji booth this weekend.


# Mr. Shifty, tinyBuild

Our good friends at tinyBuild know how to do a Con right. There will no doubt be some epic SpeedRunners going on up in that giant orange structure, and I'm willing to bet the will be "hard partying" and the dividing of sheep as well. All of that would be reason enough to visit, but then a review copy of Mr Shifty teleported into my inbox and beat me senseless (it made a real mess of my office too). Watch the trailer and you'll know this guy really gets around. It's probably better for your doors, walls, and furnishing if you pay these guys a visit.


# Starwhal, Breakfall

Let me break this down for you. Starwhal is a game about neon narwhal combat. If I have to tell you more its possible you need a new monitor or a trip to the optomitrist. Fun fact: My wife is not convinced narwhals are a real living creature that actually exists. I've thus far found it beyond my means to prove it to her in person, so if you have one as a pet let me know.


# Haimrik, Below the Game

One of the reasons attending PAX was on my bucket list to begin with is my simpering fan boy idolization of Mr. Tycho Brahe so it should come as little surprise that I'm a pretty big fan of the written word. Show me a game where words become things, and the author needs to use his own blood to unlock said magic and you have my attention. Lets see where this goes, Below the Game.


# Minit, Devolver

Devolver teased this little pixel art mystery on their twitter feed, and when I saw the names attached to it my jaw dropped. Not sure if this is a "four indie devs walk into a bar" joke, or a philosophical "if you could pick four indie devs to collaborate on a project" Q&A answer - but either way I'm stoked to see what it is about.


# In the Shadows, Colorspace Studio

As I've watched (and rewatched) the trailer for In the Shadows, something about it really grabs me. It looks like a cross between Gunpoint and A Boy and His Blob, with a dash of melancholy for flavor. A concept that "indie" is definitely worth a look.


# A Dual Hand Disaster: Trackher, Ask an Enemy Studios

We were fortunate to be able check out Trackher at RTX 2016, and it stood out as one of those game concepts that was way outside the realm of anything we could have imagined. On the one hand - its chaos and in the end your failure is guaranteed. On the other hand - you'll be amazed at what your brain can do with the ridiculous levels of multitasking. After you play the game, we can discuss pun royalties.


# Has-Been Heroes, Frozenbyte

The Trine pedigree from Frozenbyte speaks volumes, but the trailer for Has-Been Heroes looks intriguing in its own right too. There aren't a lot of stories told about adventurers nearing retirement, and I'm eager to get my hands on it and hear a little more about the back story of these has-beens.


# Universim, Crytivo Games

Not sure why I gradually lost interest in god-sims, but I haven't seen one that really caught my eye until I drank in the trailer for Universim. This little planet is talking to me and all of this tiny life is progressing and then trouble and darkness and uh-oh and....... aliens? There is so much beautiful "say what" going on in that trailer that I have to see more.

So... suffice it to say, we are freaking out to get to PAX 2017. Do you have any must see entries that we missed? Leave a comment below, or send us a tweet!