In Clash of Clans, what do I get for Christmas Tree removal?

Every year, Supercell celebrates the Christmas holiday in Clash of Clans by spawning special Christmas Tree obstacles. If you need info about Clash of Clans Christmas Trees, you’re in the right place! Clash of Clans Christmas Trees have some special properties that are worth knowing about, although they’re mostly just for decoration.

Clash of Clans Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Info

2015 Christmas Trees are Here!

Clash of Clans Christmas Tree 2015

The big question on everyone’s minds is: Does the 2015 Christmas Tree drop presents?!? So far, the answer is “no.” But keep checking back for updates – if presents start to spawn, we’ll let you know :)

Update: It’s Christmas Day 2015, and still NO PRESENTS. :( I’m guessing we weren’t good enough boys/girls this year…

Christmas Tree Presents

The 2014 Christmas Tree dropped presents around the Christmas holiday. You could tap presents to open them and get free resources! I’ve only seen 5k elixir rewards, myself.

Present Spawning: a lot of people have reported that they’ve only got one present under their tree, and no more are spawning! I was in the same boat, but this morning (12/22/2014) I woke up and found 2 new presents under both of my trees! Perhaps present spawning was glitched?

Update: 2014 Christmas Trees have stopped spawning presents, so you can save them or cut them down as you will. Some people like to “collect” the limited time obstacles, as a badge of how long they’ve been active in Clash of Clans.

Christmas Tree Removal

Cost:  25,000 gold

Reward: 75,000 gold (so you’ll net 50,000 after the cost of cutting it down)

Note that some folks are reporting only a 30k gold as a reward.  Either SuperCell changed the reward, or it is somewhat variable.  Others have reported crazy gem rewards, but I would not believe such things.  At the end of the day, if you’ve got the 25k and a free builder, you might as well chop it down.  It is unclear whether it will stay around after the next update, so sooner or later you might as well take the profit.

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  • Job well done guys, great content.

  • Oh I see thanks

  • Mikael Chuaungo

    I got 75000.. lol i checked her first to see if it was dangerous to chop it down or not..

    • EBongo

      Hi Mikael, welcome to WOTS! Thanks for posting – I have yet to get a tree this year. Bad luck I suppose. I’ve had various reports that the payout for the new tree was a little higher as you mention, but nothing confirmed of any other prize other than a little more gold. Congrats!

    • EBongo

      I can now independently confirm that the reward appears to be unchanged. That is to say – you pay $25k, and you receive $75k, which nets you $50k like I mention in the article. I will clarify the math. Thanks again for the comment.

  • agent86ix

    Same here, man. Apparently it’s a problem to clashers in a lot of areas – some of us are getting multiple gifts, but a LOT of us are just getting one. Me included.

    I have TWO trees now and each of them only has had ONE gift each. :(

    Plus it’s like 5k elixir, which is nothing to me at this point. WTF :/

    • awesome

      i think that presents respawn every season. I collected my present, but did not cut the tree. guess what? it spawned another present.

      • agent86ix

        I actually logged in yesterday morning and both my 2014 trees had 2 new presents! I think maybe it was glitched before? Or maybe they’re just handing them out funny?

  • Dave

    Really? I have 3 trees and I have about 8 presents under each, not counting the numerous ones I already open before.

    • agent86ix

      Mine just started spawning presents again a couple of days ago. Now I wake up and have 4-5 under each tree every day. But for a good week or so there weren’t any presents under any of my trees…

  • one question, how long we can have the three? in the next uptade the xmas three disappears?

    • agent86ix

      Hey Sergio,

      If this is anything like the previous years, you can keep the tree as long as you want. However, it will probably stop spawning presents once the “winter theme” goes away.

  • theory maniac

    will it spawn presents like the last one is what ive been searching for

    • agent86ix

      That’s the question I’ve had since I saw my 2015 Christmas Tree spawn. Will it drop presents??? So far the answer has been “no” but it took a while for it to happen last year, so I’m leaving it up to see if things change.

      • DJ Kronos

        I saw someone with like 20 presents! I haven’t gotten one but it looks like the people who have trees that light up get presents. I’m still not sure

        • agent86ix

          The lit up trees are from 2014, and you could actually save the presents from last year’s tree, if you never tapped them. So I’m guessing what you saw were presents from last year… I STILL haven’t seen any presents on my tree or anyone else that I’ve checked. SUPER BUMMED :(

  • Anuj Shrestha

    lets just say their designer just lost their taste for 2015. 2014 looks good than present well i see x-mas tree from 2012-2015 i dont think it will go