How do I get a Barbarian King or Archer Queen in Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans Heroes Update


Wondering about the requirements for the new Heroes introduced in the latest update for Clash of Clans?  The Clash of Clans 3.3.2 patch is now in the wild, and if you’ve got the right stuff, you can get heroes!

What we do know:

SuperCell teased the introduction of Heroes and the addition of the new “Dark Elixir” resource on their Facebook page.  In doing so they linked a video , which reveals some additional details.
  • Heroes are visually larger, and more powerful than any other unit
  • Heroes use Dark Elixir for upgrades, and there are 30 levels for each hero
  • Heroes are immortal, and are active both for attacks and defense

Update: New details now available!

Barbarian King
  • Available at Town Hall level 7
  • Costs 10,000 Dark Elixir and has 0 build time to unlock
  • Base hitpoints are 1,500
  • Base damage is 150 damage per second
  • Time to heal is 240 minutes
  • Slower movement and attack speed, ground units only
Archer Queen
  • Available at Town Hall level 9
  • Costs 40,000 Dark Elixir and has 0 build time to unlock
  • Base hitpoints are 500
  • Base Damage is 100 damage per second
  • Faster movement and attack speed, greater range (also ground and air)
Other Patch Details
  • Dark Elixir can be acquired via attacks, or via the Dark Elixir Drill available at Town Hall level 8.
  • Dark Elixir is stored in the Dark Elixir Storage first available at Town Hall level 7 (so you can start stealing Dark Elixir before you can mine it)
  • Dark Elixir Drill production is extremely slow compared to the cost of heroes.  To get the Barb King, assuming no losses (bad assumption) it would take ~ 1 month after the Dark Elixir Drill is acquired, assuming it is emptied every 6 hours.
Clearly, this is an effort to squeeze a few more dollars out of the community for gem acceleration – time will tell if it pays off or breaks the streak of success SuperCell has so far enjoyed.


If you have other questions, please post them in the comments and I’ll include them with updates as more information is available.  Also, for an interesting read check out this article over at Artic Startup on the success of Clash of Clans, the recent Helsinki meet up (with beer!), and the obscene quantities of money the game generates.


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  • Dan

    So I’ve been looking at the Lvl 7 town hall, and it takes 6 days to upgrade, if I where to speed that up with gems, how many gems would it take, thx for all comments

    • EBongo

      If you try to pay for anything in game which you can’t afford, or click on something that is building, it will tell you how many gems it takes. I highly recommend against spending gems for that ever though, unless you plan on dropping loads of cash on the game. Gems are best spent on a) Builders b) Large quantities of resources, like the 10k Dark Elixir needed for Barb King. You only get so many “free” gems from Achievements and from removing obstacles – so you have to spend them wisely if you don’t intend on also spending real money to get more.

      • How many gems does it take to buy 10,000 gems to buy the barb king? I’m upgrading to lvl 7 town hall right now so I can’t yet get a dark elixir storage and therefore can’t see how much it costs to fill

        • Blake

          500 gems I just did it totally worth it for me

          • EBongo

            Yes, I ended up using gems to supplement the purchase of the Archer Queen as well, and I agree that it is one of the best ways to spend gems, arguably better than 4th builder and easily better than 5th builder in my opinion. With the new gem rewards for higher level leagues, you can get a long way toward purchasing the Queen outright with gems, which makes the Dark Elixir grind less of a hurdle.

  • Correction: How many gems does it take to buy 10,000 DARK ELIXIR to fill dark elixir storage and buy the barb king. I have 599 saved right now

    • EBongo

      10,000 Dark Elixir is 600 gems – so good for you, you’re really close! If you try and purchase most anything in the game, and you can’t afford it, it will offer you the ability to purchase it with gems. It will give you this option, even if the amount you need is greater than what your stores can hold. Hope you have a Barb King brewing soon – he’s perhaps the most awesome unit in the game.

  • alex

    I don t have dark elixir storage yet.. BUT from farming i have gathered about 4k dark elixir. When i build the storage the 4k of dark elixir will automatically fill in the storage?

    thank u in advanced

    • EBongo

      The Dark Elixir you currently own shows up just like your Gold and Elixir on the top right of the “home” village screen. Until you have a Dark Elixir Storage, no bar will appear on the top right of your village screen. Unfortunately, any Dark Elixir that you collect before you build a Dark Elixir Storage is just lost – similar to if you collect other resources in a quantity greater than what your storages can hold.

    • pro guy

      No it doesn’t refill your dark storage. You have to get the dark storage first, before it will start filling up

  • hamzahoze

    guys i have dark elixir storage but i throw 2 lighting spells and i get 50 dark elixir bt me trophies get short

    • agent86ix

      Getting Dark Elixir at TH7 is a real chore. I can generally get a bit from very poorly planned bases and from Clan Wars. However, I’ve still only got about 1,500 or so. I’ve been stockpiling my gems to make up the difference.

      You can use a Lightning spell to take a bit of DE from a base, but as you’ve noted it can be hard to do that AND maintain trophies. Thus, I’ll tend to run other strategies at the same time. The only reason why I’d care about trophies is if it meant I was getting so low in the rankings that my matches were against only towns without DE.

      • EBongo

        It definitely gets easier once you get your own drills and start upgrading them. Using the Lightening Spell is about the best way to steal from others, but you won’t find folks who have much until you get into the 1400+ trophy range. As you get into that range you’ll see more and more TH8s and TH9s, and those will be hard nuts for you to crack. Plus, I’ll tell you that you look pretty attractive as a revenge target. In the end, DE is a little be of an “end game” resource, and there isn’t a great shortcut to stockpiling it with lower TH levels.

      • ThePieguy321

        Lighning plan.Drop to sub 200.Wit to be attacked,an attack by a single high level troops is what your looking for.Revenge.Cackle evilly

  • nice post…sometimes i get DE more than 1K in silver 1 trophies….