How do I breed a Leap Year Dragon?

Archived Content Hey! We don’t play DragonVale much anymore, so this info might be out of date. If you see anything that needs correcting, leave us a comment!

Are you wanting to know the fastest breeding combo to hatch a Leap Year Dragon as part of the “Bring ‘Em Back” event?  Well, it so happens that the fastest combo for Leap Year is also the fastest combo for Rainbow, so you may just pick up one of those in the process.


Leap Year Dragon






Breeding Pair: (Firefly OR Scorch) + (Swamp OR Seaweed)

Breeding Time: 14 hours 30 min or 11 hours 36 min (with upgrade)

Availability: Back till Jan 2nd

Type: Rainbow

Price: 2,750 Gems (Whoa buddy!)


This one has always been the “white whale” for me, since it comes once every 4 years and was available only before I started playing the game.  I will get this one, if it kills me. :)