Five Surprising CoC Clan Wars Secrets (pt 2)

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4. Rolling the tape

One of the really cool aspects of Clan Wars is that it gives your whole Clan the chance to review the same targets in a lot of detail, and analyze the results of one or multiple attacks on each of those targets. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn ways to improve your own raids, and share learnings with clanmates.

Attack in progress!

If you are chatting with a clanmate who is about to attack, open the War Map and watch their target. If you time it right, you should have an option to “Watch Battle Live”. This gives you a cool opportunity to see exactly what they see, and try and assess whether you would make the same decisions or choose differently. Be sure to congratulate big wins, and offer condolences on crushing defeats – but either way, see what can be learned from each attack. Even a major slip up can identify trap locations and defensive weak point or blind spots.

Clash of Clans: Clan Wars War Events

Did you see that?!?

At any given time, the best attack on each base on the War Map is accessible by clicking the blue “Replay” button – but what if you want to see one of the other attacks against it? You can! Simply tap the blue star next to the opposing clans name on the War Map, and a dialog will open up with various tabs of stats and details about the Clan War. On the “War Events” tab a replay is available for every battle in the Clan War so you can watch those epic moments again and again.

5. War winnings and your “real” Clan Castle

As if the rest of Clan Wars were not confusing enough, the actual loot mechanics have further nuances to confuse you.

Ghost Loot

During each of your two attacks in the Clan War, you will destroy Collectors and Storages as you seek to completely obliterate your enemies and salt the earth so that nothing ever grows. If you’re paying close attention, you’ll notice that you get a modest amount of loot during these attacks. This Ghost Loot seems to come from basically nowhere. Your opponent does not lose it as a result of your attack, and it doesn’t seem to be related to how much loot that opponent actually has at the time of the attack. Spooky.

Clash of Clans: Clan Castle Mini Storages

What are those tiny shapes?

Like I touched on in #2, you will win loot at the end of the war depending on a) the targets you personally defeated with at least one star b) whether your clan won, lost, or tied. If you win, what you see is what you get. If you tie or lose, you’ll still get something, but much less. So where does all of this loot go? Obviously the most logical place to store it is in tiny containers on top of your Clan Castle. Here I’m referring to the Clan Castle in your real base (not your War Base). I’m of two minds about whether SuperCell did us a favor by storing the loot in the CC, or figured out another backhanded way to expose our hard fought booty to further plundering, but regardless… that’s where you can find your loot after the Clan War is over.

Pro Tip If you like to leave your Clan Castle empty and outside your base (and why is that again?) then take heed that it is now a tiny Storage, and should be treated like one. I find it useful for setting aside a little bit of extra Dark Elixir when I’m trying to make a push to an expensive DE upgrade, but opinions vary about whether or not you should immediately empty your CC as soon as you have space to do so, or leave your winnings in there until you need to spend them.

Warning After the stones are cast in a Clan War, and you know roughly how much loot you are going to win – check and make sure you have room in your Clan Castle, and “Collect” it’s contents if you do not. Losing all of that loot to overflow would be a genuine tragedy.

Got any of your own CoC Clan Wars tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments!

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  • H8tank

    The tip I was looking for about the Clan War seeding, thanks. Trophy’s, not strenght.

    • rex panda

      How are clans matched for a clan war?

      Clan wars matchmaking matches clans based on the strength of their members. Unlike multiplayer battles, trophies have no influence in determining your clan wars opponent.

      • EBongo

        The point H8tank was alluding to was not about how Clans are matched in war, but rather how Clan Members are chosen for war when there is a number that is not divisible by 5. The “leftovers” that are not included in the war are chosen by lowest trophy count.

      • Kaushal Saab
  • jaja iballa

    hi. is it true that it’s only 3 attacks at the same time is possible for clan war? so ambush on last minute is not possible for the 4th who wants to join ambush?

    • EBongo

      Hey jaja. I haven’t seen more than 3 at a time that I recall, so I can’t independently confirm. I kind of doubt there is a limit, because attacks are fairly independent of one another. I’ve never heard mention of a limit on any other forum, or in clans I’ve been at war with.

      • Jaja HAD heard something from someone who thought they knew but didn’t.

        You reply as someone who didn’t know but thought you might because you HAD NOT HEARD something.

        No wonder so many people are so confused about Clash of Clans sometimes.

    • You will always be able to attack if you want and when you want – and full-clan simultaneously if that rocks your boat provided it is not on the same base obviously.

      FIRST REASON: THIS IS WAR NOT A TOURNAMENT “Ambush” is a concept of war as fundamental as the concept of “defence” in war. Without it there is no concept of war and Clan Wars would need to be called something else, such as tennis, or cricket, or tiddlywinks.

      Those games are not wars but “tournaments”. If there were tournaments in Clash of Clans, then both clans would attack the same gob-bases to see which team achieved better in a sort of “turn-based game of Civilisation”. Not a bad concept for another extension of CoC perhaps – personally I would like to see Inter-Clan Tournaments!

      SECOND REASON: THE SOFTWARE IS NOT SO LIMITED There is no limit on how many attacks can occur simultaneously in the standard Multi-Player mode; there must be thousands if not hundreds-of-thousands of attacks happening at any one moment. Therefore Supercell would not need to limit simultaneous attacks for technical reasons in Clan War mode.

      THIRD REASON: THE FUN WOULD GO It is the unknown of “if” and “when” an attack will occur that differentiates a war from a tournament.

      The most thrilling aspect of Clan Wars is not knowing how many attacks will come from the enemy. Literally you cannot know with even 1-second in time remaining. Our clan often launches multiple attacks in the last seconds of war, and so our troops are often still in battle more than 2-minutes past the actual 24-hour deadline of war.

      FOURTH REASON: CLANS ARE ALREADY ARE ALREADY UNMANAGEABLE (ALMOST) If Supercell chose to deliberately turn Clan Wars into a “turn-based game of Civilisation” by limiting simultaneous attacks, then Clan Leaders would be resigning their posts en-mass from the frustration of trying to not only manage clan-members to attack twice in 24-hours to different bases, but also then ensure they are attack at different times from each other! (have you ever been Leader or Co-Leader of a clan?).

      CONCLUSION: Therefore who ever told you that nonsense should be kicked from your clan.

      If you can’t kick them, then just don’t listen to any of their other stories about free gems, “other ways” to earn XP, and how they understand CoC better than you because otherwise you would have skipped from TH6 to TH9 like they did instead of wasting your time on TH7 maxing it out.

    • Jaja, my full answer to your question is in the following post for those wanting to know detail on the reasons why simultaneous-attacks being limited is rubbish.

      Jaja, here below is my PERSONAL RESPONSE to you. I suggest you LEAVE YOUR CLAN. Seriously. Or KICK that person(s) out. Here is why:

      Read the section in this article about “Selfish Collaboration” again…. I bet you 10,000 gems the person who said this is one of those “3” who goes first in the ambush. You and/or your other clam-members are the 4th, 5th, 10th+ person, right? And so only THEY do the ambush and YOU apparently cannot, right?

      The reason they told you this rubbish is because they want to go for a “loot attack” at the end of the war to get as much war-bonus as possible. They told you no more than three can do it so that you or your 10, 15, 50 clan colleagues don’t all rush in and attack the top-easiest-bases which give the biggest bonuses. You see, as you know only 1 person can attack a base at a time…. If everyone rushed in maybe that selfish-person would not get the base (thus the big bonus loot) they selfishly wanted for themselves. So by telling you all only 3 can do it, means they get to choose almost any base they want!

      They are selfishly scheming for themselves. They don’t want anyone else in their way, to share with, or compromise for. To them, your war is finished when their so-called “ambush” starts. So the “ambush last minute” was not on the enemy, is was actually on YOU.

      They are taking you as a fool.

      LEAVE or KICK them.

    • Kaushal Saab
  • agent86ix

    Assuming you win, everybody gets the war win bonus. It doesn’t matter if someone else from your clan attacks the same base as you. If you both get stars, you both get the bonus.

    Let’s say the other clan didn’t attack at all, so all you need is 1-star to win. Everyone in your clan could attack the same base, get at least one star, and you’d all get the war win bonus.

  • Farzan

    If i attack for an already attacked base and i couldn’t get a single star, but a player from my clan had got a star and our clan wins the war… will i get the war bonus???

    • zztempo314

      No, you have to get at least one star to earn a war bonus.

  • EBongo

    Obviously that only works if you can somehow get accepted to their clan. Even still, I don’t know whether to be impressed or disgusted. It’s probably a mixture of both. I suppose it amounts to a tip to leaders to switch the clan to “Closed” while a war is in progress, if they worry about such things.

    • J S

      Disgusted. That ruins the integrity of this casual yet fun game. Weak sauce.

      • kjulie

        Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

  • sef

    If I have war loot in Castle and it gets destroyed in multi player will I loose the loot

    • agent86ix

      You’ll lose part of it, yeah. If your Clan Castle has war loot in it, it counts like a storage does. You won’t lose all of it, though, just a percentage.

      • jenny

        Note that the percentage lost is much lower than what can be lost from your actual storages (but that you lose a mix of resources). Also note that Goblins do not target Clan Castles as resource buildings.

    • Kaushal Saab

      No it will remain as it is and ur loot will remain safe in castle . and if u have any other question so u can come on this site

  • Andrea Bañares

    If i attacked in war, got stars and left my clan before war is over.. Will i still get war bonus??

    • Shreyas D N

      Yes u will. If ur clan wins, ull get 100% of the war win bonus, but if ur clan has a tie r a lose, ull get 30% of the war win bonus

  • adrian dado

    If i attack an already attacked base that is 100% destroyed, and I destroyed it to 100% what can I get? Can i get the same loot too?

    • agent86ix

      Yep, if someone 3‘s a base in a war, and you come back in and even 1 that same base, you will get the full loot, and so will they.

      The problem with this strategy is that you’re not earning any new stars this way. So if the war is neck-in-neck, you are better off hitting another base where you can earn new stars instead of taking the easy loot.

    • Kaushal Saab

      Yup you will get same loot

  • agent86ix

    I have never left a clan during a war, so I don’t know the answer to this offhand. However, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you’re going to lose the bonuses – I think if you leave the clan then you can’t get back to the clan war interface to collect the loot!

    • The Night’s King

      I was “brutally” kicked out of a clan for no apparent reason during war period, i had spent almost 400k elixir on those GoWiPe attacks, got a humble 5 stars in total, still kicked, still dunno WHY? Anyway, point being I thought i now was not able to get my war loot bonus, so in vain, i joined another clan. Approximately after 12 hours or so, i suddenly get the war bonus i was supposed to, i calculated and it seemed like around that time the war would have gotten over in my previous clan. Ecstatic! So in short, YES, YOU DO GET THE LOOT YOU DESERVED!

  • Shreyas D N

    Ull have only 4000 de in ur cc, the other 100 will be lost

  • 11191

    If my TH gets upgraded before the war, and I don’t change my war base design, how will they determine who I’m paired up against? I upgraded my TH to TH6 but I’m not maxed out on TH5 yet. I want to max it out first before I buy new defenses such as canon, mortar, etc. Will this affect who my opposite will be, if I’m not going to use them yet, anyway?

    Also, what will happen if I upgrade my troops and still use my TH5 war base?

    • agent86ix

      Your war base will automatically reflect upgrades to existing buildings, so it doesn’t matter if you change your war base after upgrading a building or not.

      If you buy new defenses, you’ll have to put them in your war base, I think the next time you edit it. I don’t know if this affects your clan matchups or not, but I’m going to posit that matchups are based on your regular base’s upgrades, since that makes the most sense.

      The matchmaking is a little opaque, so I can’t say for sure what effect troop upgrades have. I believe they’re taken into account, as part of your overall power level.

    • kjulie

      Unless you are first putting down a building ( in which case it would show up as level one automatically) they show up as the level they where when war day began.

    • Kaushal Saab

      Hey clasher dont take tension of coc base design visit this

  • Sachin Rayal SRayal

    Hi… i won 2 clan star bt i got only three star why?

    • agent86ix

      I’m not sure I understand the question. You won 2 stars but only got 3? Could you elaborate?

      • Lewis Collins

        Sir; He means that he did “2 attacks” which should have given him 6 stars but he got only 3 stars.

    • Stephen Chen

      perhaps you won two battles but only earned 3 out of 6 stars… you only have to earn a minimum of 1 star to win a battle

    • coDerus


    • S9ENCER

      Because somebody already got 1 star on the base.

  • Joe Chui

    Our clan always lose because our opponent have high level troops but lower clan point. What can we do to improve?

    • S9ENCER

      Put 2 or 3 of your weakest players in the war to help balance the clan strength

  • AKA

    If i attack an already attacked base that is 100% destroyed, and earn 3 stars, will our clan get clan xp again for my win?

    • Devilbat

      no, clan xp can be obtained only once. if that base is starred even if only 1 star you will get the xp for it.

    • S9ENCER


  • Deb

    If I kick member during war will they collect clan winnings?

  • Celz

    Sounds like a word problem lol

  • Felix Alejandro Guzman

    what would happen if i enter the other clan an check their castle troops ?

    • Michal Matusiak

      nothing lol

    • Susmita Mukherjee

      You won’t be able to see their cc troops

  • Hemmings

    If someone 3 stared my base, and i dont go online, will i be attacked again? or will i have to go online so that my building will load and then ill be attacked again?

    • agent86ix

      Yeah, you can be attacked again, even if you don’t log in. If your base got trashed, you’ll probably have a shield, which has to run out first.

    • Kaushal Saab

      No no u problem on reloading that

  • Bhanu Pal

    I have loot around 7,00,000 if i leave my clan now or i got kicked during war day .. will i get loot when war is over ?

  • Zubair Baloch

    In current war of my clan there was a th8max base but he had 2 airdefences of lvl6 but on war day he has magically another lvl 4 air defence :3 how this possible :v

    • Michal Matusiak

      he most likely gemmed

    • Kaushal Saab

      Dont know yaar but uh will find amazing things in

  • Michal Matusiak

    i have a question lets say were tied in war every we have the same number of stars i know it goes by average destruction but if someone attacks for loot on a three starred base will it affect the overall average destruction?

  • clashofclans
  • [TmB]Ashlin

    Is there a way of seeing the replay of the attack on my own village during the clan war?

  • saksham gupta


    • hirdhay


  • Kaushal Saab

    Hi you have written very nic and also i suggested this to my clan members if u need any help than plz visit my blog

  • Kaushal Saab

    Yes ur 100 de will be wasted

  • Kaushal Saab

    Yeah u ll get that

  • Kaushal Saab
  • Kaushal Saab

    Yes loot will remain same it will remain same for everyone but need one star to get the loot

  • Susmita Mukherjee

    If I get kicked from my clan during clan war, will I still get the war win bonus if my clan wins?

    • hirdhay


  • Suman Saha

    can i use my both attacks on one enemy base in war ?