The Farm Club | Farm Heroes Saga

Once you get past Farm Heroes Saga level 7, you’ll “Join the Club” and earn your first Farm Club animals. But what does “the farm club” do for you? How do you earn Farm Club animals, and what can you do once you’ve got them? The game doesn’t do this topic justice, so we will cover it in detail here. Read on for all the details about Farm Heroes Saga Farm Club in our Farm Club guide!


Earning Farm Club Animals in Farm Heroes Saga

The Farm Club is a special feature of Farm Heroes Saga. When you play certain levels, which are marked with a “Cow” icon, you’ll earn farm animals for your Farm Club.

You earn one animal for each star you achieve on these “cow” levels. That means to win all three farm animals, you’ll need to get 3 stars on each farm club level in a set in Farm Heroes Saga.

Using Your Farm Club Animals for Free Boosts!

You can check and see what animals you’ve earned by clicking the Farm Club icon: farm-heroes-saga-farm-club-logo

From here, you can see the animals you’ve collected, and you can cash your Farm Club animals out for boosts and free beans:


Here’s a tricky thing though – you need 3 levels worth of animals for each reward! That means that you have to get one star on the first three Farm Club levels (7, 18, and 38) in order to get the first reward. If you want all three rewards on the first page, you’ll have to get 3 stars on all three of these levels!

But wait… I don’t see the Farm Club icon on my phone/tablet!

Sadly, the Farm Club is not completely implemented in the mobile versions of this game. Why?? Who knows! Perhaps King will add it in at some point, but be warned that the following things don’t work on the phone interface:

  • There’s no icon or menu option to view the Farm Club
  • You can’t redeem your animals through your phone or tablet
  • You can’t even use the boosts you get from the Farm Club on your phone or tablet!

Basically, the only thing you can do on your phone is earn the animals. Once you’ve earned them, they do carry over to the Facebook version.

Pro Tip Having trouble with a tricky level? Sync your mobile progress to the Facebook version, and then you can cash out your free boosts for use there! There are also Facebook-specific boosts that they haven’t implemented on the mobile version.


The Farm Club in Farm Heroes Saga can be a source of free boosts, but you’ve got to put a lot of effort in. It’s certainly worth it if you’re stuck somewhere and just can’t make progress.

The only other downside is that there’s no mobile benefits for the Farm Club. Hopefully King will get off its behind and add this feature. If they add this and the missing Mystery Quests I will be one happy farmer!