How do I clear Pet Rescue Saga level 99?

We’re almost to the triple digits now as we approach Pet Rescue Saga level 99. This one is a tricky one, but with proper application of the free spring and rocket boosts, we can beat this in record time. Come check out our Pet Rescue Saga level 99 guide, where we’ll share all the tips and tricks you need to succeed.

Pet Rescue level 99 guide

Pet Rescue Saga level 99 is chock full of metal boxes and spring boosts. You’ll notice right from the start that there are three spring boosts that are always aligned with three metal blocks below three pets. This is a pretty good thing, on the whole. Start out by breaking these metal blocks (and the entire rows) with those spring boosts.

Did you notice how fast your rocket boost charged up? It’s probably already ready… already. That’s the key to this level – clear whole rows of blocks with the spring boosts, which will charge your rocket and get those pets down to the bottom in no time flat! Do note that you might want to bring those springs down out of the top two rows for maximum effect.

Now, there’s still the matter of level 99’s score target. If you just use springs and the rocket, your score is going to be pitiful. Luckily, there are tons of “x2” blocks that will start to fall as you clear the blocks here. Try to get a big bunch of the same color blocks together with these x2’s mixed in. You can pretty easily hit the score target with just a couple of really big matches that include x2 blocks.

There’s still a random element here, so you might burn a few lives clearing this one. However, on the whole, Pet Rescue Saga level 99 is not one where you’re going to burn weeks worth of lives or anything. Focus on rockets and x2 blocks, and you’ll clear Pet Rescue Saga level 99 with no boosts in no time!