How do I clear Pet Rescue Saga level 96?

Pet Rescue Saga level 96 changes things up a bit by trapping a whopping 12 pets in cages. Then it asks you to rescue 14 pets in 25 moves. Yikes! Don’t fret, though, we’ll help you save those birds without any boosts using the tips and tricks you’ll find in our Pet Rescue Saga level 96 guide.

Pet Rescue level 96 guide

Pet Rescue Saga level 96 has a lot of pets to rescue, a ton of cages, and not a lot of moves. The key to this level is the 12 pets you start out with. You really must save as many of these as possible. If you can save 10 or more of these pets, you stand a chance, but saving all 12 might as well be a requirement.

To do this, you’ll need to break them out of their cages before they hit the bottom. Usually you’ve got a lot of spring boosts on this level, so what you want to do is drop the springs to the level the pets are on without moving the pets. Luck must be on your side here – ideally you want 2 springs in a column where you can make a vertical-only match. This will bring those springs down and align them with the pets without disturbing the other cages.

If you can’t do this, do the best you can with the hand you’ve been dealt. Try to disturb as few of the cages as possible in your first few moves. However, chances are pretty good that you’ll have to try again!

If you’re lucky, you’ve got 10 pets ready to go. Now, try to line up spring boosts with the remaining cages. Try not to move these cages down, as you’ve only got a few rows to clear them, and losing these pets is a crushing blow to your chances of success!

Once you’ve broken all the cages, focus on saving the pets. After this point, you’ll probably only get a single pet on the screen at a time, and the screen is just going to be clogged with cages and springs. Try to get the pets down to the bottom with the minimum number of moves possible, and remember that those cages will break themselves if they hit the bottom while empty, which can save some moves as well.

Pet Rescue Saga level 96 takes a decent amount of random luck, but don’t lose hope! Eventually you’ll get the right combo of springs and cages and be able to save all the initial pets, which is a big part of clearing this level.