How do I clear Pet Rescue Saga level 120?

Pet Rescue Saga level 120 is a whirlwind of stuck keys, infected blocks, and a whole set of mesh bricks to drive you mad. There’s just one pet to save, but getting the little guy out is going to take some careful planning and a heavy dose of luck. Our tips and tricks for Pet Rescue Saga level 120 will guide you through!

Pet Rescue Level 120 guide

Okay, before we get started, let’s take stock of the starting state.

There’s 2 “infected” balls that will spread on the left hand side. However, note that they can’t get out by default because the infection can’t eat mesh blocks.

There’s a bomb and the one pet we need to save at the top of the screen. Since the pet is sitting on a metal block, it’s vital that we use the bomb to break this metal block.

Finally, there’s a row of locked bricks along the bottom and a single key trapped in the far upper right.

There’s only 20 moves to go here, so we’ve got to be efficient. Our goals are to get the pet and bomb to the bottom, past those locked bricks.

The key isn’t going to move left – blocks just keep dropping in to replace the ones that you clear. Thus, the only way to get it down is to break the three mesh blocks below the key. This can prove tough if you make a mess of the right hand side, so match carefully here.

The bomb is in a similar situation – the only way down is to clear those mesh blocks out. That will free the infection, but it’s not as bad as you think. Since the two infection blocks are offset, they will actually tend to line up as they spread, rather than cause you major issues.

Mostly what you want to do is try to get rid of the 6 mesh blocks (3 for the bomb, and 3 for the key) as quickly as you can. If you can make long horizontal matches that break the mesh on the left and right at the same time, that will save you moves. However, it’s not always feasible.

If the infection starts spreading out of control, you might want to spend a turn to clear it. However, it will eat blocks you couldn’t easily match if you let it go, so I wouldn’t consider this a priority.

Chances are pretty good that luck isn’t going to be on your side every run through Pet Rescue Saga level 120, but after a while you’ll manage to break the mesh, clear the blocks, and get everything down to the bottom within enough turns.

If you end up falling short of the score goal, keep in mind that the mesh blocks are hiding x2 blocks – just one big match with an x2 block is generally enough to bump you up at least a star or two.