How do I clear Pet Rescue Saga level 111?

Pet Rescue Saga level 111 is a veritable tower of mesh-covered blocks, which can cause headaches for even the most experienced Pet Rescue Saga players. In our guide to Pet Rescue level 111, I’ll share my best tips and tricks so you can conquer this level and move on with the Panda-themed challenges this episode is full of. As always, we’ll teach you how to clear Pet Rescue Saga level 111 with no boosts.

At first glance, Pet Rescue Saga level 111 isn’t so bad. I mean, they left out that nasty “sickness” that has been a staple of the episode thus far. However, there are several complications that make this level particularly challenging.

Pet Rescue level 111 Guide: Start

Right off the bat, you should see that there is a high percentage of blocks required to clear Pet Rescue Saga level 111. This should be a big red flag for you – 97% of the blocks means you’re only able to lose a couple before the entire level is lost.

If you watch the sides of level 111, you should see that there are stacks of alternating diamonds and metal blocks. While you can delay the pain of the right hand column by clearing other columns and making these blocks fall down and to the left, the left hand column is a problem you’re going to have to tackle early.

You’ve got the rechargeable rocket boost on this level, but honestly you’re primarily going to use it to deal with this left hand column. Try to get as many of these left hand column blocks on the screen at once before you use your rocket, so that you can save as much rocket power as you can for the final push.

The main challenge here, though, is this towering pile of mesh blocks. These can be difficult under normal circumstances, but the requirement on Pet Rescue Saga level 111 that you clear them all is particularly hard.

Focus on making small matches right next to any remaining mesh blocks whenever you can. This may mean matching low in the stack, or breaking up matches into smaller matches where appropriate. The only way to whittle down the mesh is by methodically matching next to it.

There are some balloons here, and don’t be shy about using them! If you can, try to clear as much mesh as you can, since the mesh blocks won’t be popped by the balloons.

Pet Rescue level 111 guide: End

Down towards the bottom, you’re going to have some spring boosts available to you. Try to save these to break the metal blocks where you can. You might get lucky with your matching and end up with a rocket as well. Try to save these for the last few moves, and use them to grab as many blocks as you can.

Like many Pet Rescue Saga levels, Pet Rescue Saga level 111 has just enough random elements that you can’t really expect to clear it every time. However, with judicious use of your rocket and some careful planning with those mesh blocks, you can clear this level without resorting to mesh breakers or other boosts.

  • Judy

    How do you beat Level 111 when you have to clear 100% of blocks?

    • agent86ix

      Hey Judy!

      The strategy is the same, you’re just going to have to get lucky-er.

      If the 100% requirement is for a Mystery Quest, you can always bug your Facebook friends for tickets if you get stuck.

      • NashKat

        Not understanding the strategy to getting 100% of the blocks cleared. Can’t see the bottom of the board so it’s pointless to clear the blocks with a strategy as you don’t know what colors your going to need. I’ve been playing this level for a week now and always end up with the same results, two rows of metal blocks left and one rocket. When I’ve Google the level it’s shows videos of people that have beat the level at 90%….has the percentage changed recently? I can get down to two blocks left so 90% cleared is understandable but 100% isnt. It’s not luck it’s whether or not the “computer” wants you to win. I’ve seen blocks fall differently each time I play. Sometimes the blocks scoot to the left when a row is cleared other times blocks fall down and fill the gap and block a move you would of had if it scooted over….stuck and losing interest in the game.

        • agent86ix

          Welcome, NashKat.

          They do change the requirements on these levels from time to time, so when I played it only required 97% of the blocks cleared to win. My responses to Judy are the best source of info for trying to get 100%. She managed to do it after a while, but there’s a lot of frustration between you and your goal.

          This is the sad reality of all King games – winning or losing often doesn’t come down to strategy, it’s mostly just banging your head against the wall until things align properly for you to win. I try to give a rough outline of what the challenges are and the steps that lead me to victory, but on some of these levels you’re just going to end up losing a lot of time and lives on repeated attempts.

  • Dolores Bouzas

    My level 111 says to clear 100% of blocks. It counts the diamonds and metal bricks too. I have been stuck forever and don’t know what to do .. Any suggestions?

  • Judy

    Thank you for replying, agent86ix. I don’t know what you mean by Mystery Quest. Let me know, because bugging my FB friends is not a problem. I will say this about trying to beat Level 111, I’ve made up some pretty cool new swears :)

    • EBongo

      Hi Judy! agent86ix will be otherwise occupied for a day or two, so I hopefully I can be of a little help. To your first question – Mystery Quests are only available on the Mobile version of the game, and only appear when you are logged out of Facebook. King provides them for offline play on Mobile, so that you don’t get completely stuck if you temporarily don’t have internet access, or choose not to use Facebook. For more details you can check out this article. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait on agent86ix for the rocket question. I don’t know about that one.

      • Judy

        Thanks EBongo for telling me about Mystery Quests. And I noticed that the rocket does not take away any of the diamond blocks. It appeared some diamond blocks disappeared, but turns out only because they were smashed away on the beam….not because of the rocket.

        • agent86ix

          Yep, that’s correct Judy. The rocket does not break glass blocks – it will remove mesh cages (one level’s worth at a time – I just hit an area that introduces double mesh blocks, bleh) the wooden cages that trap animals, and normal blocks. Usually if you are shooting your rocket up a column where the floor is exposed, the glass blocks will drop to the bottom and break on their own.

          However, if this doesn’t happen (ie, there are blocks offscreen below the glass blocks, or the rocket breaks mesh but doesn’t clear everything below the glass block) the glass will remain intact.

          This works the same way with keys encased in glass as it does with diamonds.

          • Judy

            Thanks agent86six :) I’m resigned to the fact that I will ever beat 111 unless I fork over some dough for help which I will not. Yet, I still play because I have a touch of the insanity that has me doing something over and over again expecting a different result :)

          • agent86ix

            Well, just keep at it and you’ll likely get lucky. It just takes time :)

            And you’re in good company, practically everyone on this site is in some way insane when it comes to playing these “X Y Saga” games – we’ve all been there, and we’re sending our good luck wishes your way :)

    • agent86ix

      Trying to clear a level 100% is super tricky. I just had a Mystery Quest where that was a requirement, and it took me some time to finish it.

      I suggest working very slowly. Usually you’d want to make big matches if you were going for score, but when you’re going for 100% clear, you’re more likely to make many small matches. When you get all the way clear, you’ll end up getting a massive point bonus, so don’t worry too much if it seems like you’re way behind that first star.

      It also takes a lot of luck. You’re going to get down to just one or two blocks left on a bunch of tries before you clear it.

      Have you read my general advice about Pet Rescue Saga? My 5 weird tips article has some tricks that are important for 100% levels. You might also want to read up about orphans and checkerboarding which is a serious problem if you need to get all the blocks cleared. Some of that might help as well.

      However, this game, like all King “Saga” games, is mostly about getting you close enough to winning often enough that you’re frustrated and willing to pay a couple of bucks to win. If you don’t want to do that, it’s going to take luck, perseverance, and all the swear words you can invent ;)

  • Judy

    Also…and now I feel like I’m whining here, but my rocket does not remove all the diamonds blocks in that row…it leaves two behind…even though it shows that they will be incorporated. Anyone else noticing that?

  • Judy

    I have found that if I can get one of the bombs over close enough to the left row to blast out that last black block (which is left after using the first rocket on that row), I can use the rocket instead on one of the two columns on the right that has black blocks. That has allowed me to get 97% of the blocks…it’s has still never been enough, however, to get 100%, but I’m just putting that out here.

  • Judy

    I DID IT!! YAY!!!!!

    • agent86ix

      Congratulations! It just takes time and luck :)

  • Judy

    Now that I have your attention, what is the trick to getting more boosters to drop? You can 20+ times and no booster(s) will drop…then you may get one with 1 more left. This is for Level 113.

    • agent86ix

      I have no clue what makes more boosters drop. I get the feeling that it is pretty random, just another way the game sticks it to you in some random form or fashion.

  • Sheila Lynn Parker

    why when i watch the you tube they win by have a block left and i just cleared it all except one block and i still didnt win