How do I clear Candy Crush Level 165?

At this point “Complete the Order” levels are old hat to you – and the starting Bomb and Chocolate are nothing a little rerolling or luck can’t take care of – but there’s more… With the Pastille Pyramid Episode(who names these things) comes the frustrating, offensive, crime against all that is holy – the Chocolate Machine. You remember how good it feels to finally rid a level of Chocolate? Hold on to that memory because it will never happen again. All is not lost though, read on for some strategies to spit in the eye of the Chocolate Satan.

Candy Crush Level 165 Tips

Clearing the way

Like a lot of the “Complete the Order” levels, the thing you need the most at the beginning is space. Knock out the Bombs and clear as much Chocolate as is feasible in a few moves and start focusing on Special Candies. Candy Crush Level 165 is a lot like Level 140 you are going to need them to collect enough target candies, especially with the distraction of Chocolate.

WarningColor Bomb + Color Bomb often takes too many moves to set up. Use your Color Bombs indivually, or match them with other Special Candies for best results.

Pro TipWhen you do get Color Bombs, try to wait to use them until you have a lot of a target color on the screen (and always try to use them on target color candies).


The new paradigm of endless chocolate means that you need to get used to Chocolate – it is here to stay. Remember that Chocolate and all other obstacles are added to distract you. Remember how preciously few moves you have on this level, and don’t get sidetracked hunting down the last few pieces of Chocolate.

Pro TipEach time you break Chocolate, the Chocolate will not advance in the next move. This means it is often better to break up the Chocolate in several consecutive moves instead of all at once. Following this strategy will mean more turns without growing Chocolate.

That’s it for our guide to Candy Crush Saga level 165. Need a break from Candy Crush? There are some great alternatives here or here. Good luck, and keep crushing!